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Captain Flamingo (real name Milo Powell) is one of the main characters of the series. He is a 9 year old boy who dresses up in a flamingo outfit to save little kids in trouble, although when he meets Dib and the others he extends it to the Multi-Universe

He is the 3rd main male hero to join M.O.D.A.B, after Dib and Bender.

Greatest Strength: His determination and kookiness

Greatest Weakness: His lack of common sense when dealing with some problems (which Lizbeth points out fairly often, as well as the simple solution)

Best Friends: Lizbeth and Dib

Worst Enemies: Commander Whooping Crane, Warrior Monkey, Lord Commander

Alignment: Good

Voiced by: Tabitha. St. Germain

His theme

Physical Description:

He is a small boy squared shape according to his best friend and love Lizbeth. He is a red head with the usual eye color and shape (unlike Lizbeth), his main color is blue and as he always blue outside his Flamingo Outfit . He is slightly pudgy but it rarely gives him any problem for physical activity


He’s not your typical boy, like most boys. He’s a typical kid who has crazy ideas and acts over the top. The good captain has people’s concerns as a

as a baby meeting his best friend and love Lizbeth as a baby

priority although he fights his selfish desire and gives in to them. He is not as intelligent as some of the other due to his ditzy nature, but like most idiots he is rather smart at times. Milo himself has trouble considering his feelings for Lizbeth, she is just his best friend he says, but he really does care about her. He seems to be a rather on the book hero which is required in the team much like Dib and/or Bubbles. He is adorably kooky with crazy ideas and is a viewed a paragon by Lizbeth . He is much like his friend Boomer, in regards to personality expect he is a little more independent than Boomer. Unlike Dib he doesn't have problems with Bender taking adventures by himself without him or the other main members of the team. He has a dislike and/or fear of the dentist since whenever he gets cavities he gets a wrong toy and his mouth is frozen to the point where no one (expect Lizbeth due to her experiences with him) can understand his talking He also claims that Valentine's Day is the most dangerous day of the year.


The Beginning:

He debuted here as the fourth hero to appear after Dib, Bubbles and Bender. He merely appeared to help against Slade and the villains which contrasted him from the other 4

Slade Strikes Back:

He returns again, this time he and Lizbeth have became a couple like Dib and Bubbles. In order of showing this love for her he defends and protects her from whatever someone tries to put her down or do something horrible to her

The Great Time Travel Adventure:

He finally returned to help Dib and the others again. Milo begin discovering Lizbeth’s new side and he is impressed. The two and Bender begin question how Joker returned. He unfortunately was turned evil in the future and killed by Joker. Then he helps the heroes in the final battle with help from new pals.

The Multi-Universal War of Destiny

Like the rest of his friends, he will be returning to battle Discord (Bender, Skipper and Heloise's New main adversary) and newcomer villain Sigma. Of Course he's dealing with his cousin once again, where they may actually become bitter enemies wanting to kill each other. Of course when Discord begins his chaotic schemes, he believes it makes no sense for chocolate rain and states to Lizbeth and The Brain that they are trying in feign to understand how it could happen. He learns his cousin was trying to kill his friends and he's mad, Then he gets more fussy when Lizbeth is accused of Crane's insanity. He sees through Crane's dramatic attempt and throws his Nitrocylin out the window. When it happens he doesn't think Crane is dead and that he faked his death.

He fears for the worse when Dib and Bubbles fight with Bender and Skipper over Gosalyn's death. He joins Dib and teams up with Scorpion Squad. He also learns about Discord from Princess Celestia unknowingly that her partner was Bender who faced him twice before. He also helps Dib, X and Boomer hold back Loboto's forces so that Raz, Pinky, The Brain, Scorpion and his team can reach Loboto. He then meets Hiscord through Celestia and then meets with the Warner Brothers and Sister. He learns from Discord, Bender's previous fights with Discord and he is more or less neutral to this. He also learns that Lizbeth has been getting in contact in hopes of reuniting the team

He helps his main friends stop the abnormality and he is not happy to sent off Dib to stop it. But they do it to prevent it from happening again.

LOTM: Next Gen Island Tour

Dib, Bubbles, Milo, Edd, Darkwing are all brought back temporarily from the dead by Lizbeth, Boomer, Hunson Abadeer, Maka, Soul and The V Crusaders though they're all don't know who they are haven lost their memories so Nina, Marceline, Starfire, Jorgen, Finn, Julian and Django who Lizbeth called help do it while Boomer has a picnic date with Lizbeth where the two talk about what went on when Garak informs of an attack on the Paradise Kingdom where they all go to. They Investigate the Paradise Lost Kingdom with help from Ryan Hardy a friend of Lizbeth and the V Crusaders. Julian assumes it's demons and he's right then He learns of Pan before they all go driving. Homer reveals that Springfield is under attack which gets him up in arms until the whole group meets Jack Bauer who phones to assure Homer's family is fine and that they should find him. Milo and his friends arrive and they meet Jack Bauer at Homer's house and they follow him where they join Castiel and then follow Lizbeth to the docks where he finds Bender, Twilight, Skipper, Heloise, Phineas, Isabella, Casper and Wendy and gets unnerved when Discord shows up due to remembering what he did.

Dib, Bubbles, Milo, Lizbeth, Boomer, Edd, Darkwing, Casper, Wendy, Starfire, Julian, Jorgen, Nina, Finn, Marceline and Django with Hunson wander into cavern 1 where time in Casper and Wendy's Universe froze and they did everything possible in the world. They end up stumbling upon a loyalty which Lizbeth and Boomer pass and go looking for a piece of the final puzzle piece. He and M.O.D.A.B work to stop the Neo Umbrella Corps and do it together before getting eaten by the Niburu like many of the heroes. Cas however brings them back and then tell them that Bender is safe since they fear he killed himself. He comes back through Isabella pulling him back down with her power before Milo leaves with Dib and Bubbles.

The Alternate Ending to LOTM: Next Gen Island Tour

In the alternate ending planned, Milo would have survived the events of the stories until The Multi-Universal War of Destiny happened and be still living with his friends, though he is confused when Bender states that he and the others are supposed to be dead, Milo tells him that never happened and that they're all alive and that he may get ready for the evening as quiet a lot of things are happening that night, he is also very supportive of Lizbeth's relationship with Boomer as he's her best friend and only wants her to be happy.


He returns alongside his friends and finds himself with them drafted into an adventure by His Bender and the Present One. He is brought back from the dead through the Spear and has been brought into Dib's big circle of friends once again and goes to school even with them now.

Allies and enemies

Friends: Lizbeth, Dib, Bubbles, Bender, Edd, Darkwing, Gosalyn, Peep, Luciaus, Doofenschimtz, Stewie, Oscar, Blowhole, Skipper, Boomer, Nina, Finn, Marceline, Ice King, Scorpion, Subzero, Smoke, King Julian, Starfire, Skipper, Jorgen, Django of the Dead, Pinky, Brain, Hans, Noob, Raz, Crypto, R.J., Cassandra, Android 18, Sagat, Delta Squad, Princess Celestia, Mega Man X, Hiscord, Yakko, Wakko, Dot, John Price

Enemies: Warrior Monkey, Whopping Crane, Slade, Anti Cosmo, The V Team, Joker, Hunson Abadeer, Alt Doof, Darkwarrior Duck, Discord, the Dystopia League, Sigma, the Sigma Organization, Lord Commander