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"Bite my shiny metal @$$!" - Bender Bending Rodriguez

Bender is a anti-heroic robot, a major side protagonist of LOTM and Dib's right hand man. He is one of the oldest things in the Multi-Universe being a million years at minimum. Bender is also The4everrevival's 2nd favorite cartoon character in animation.

He is the second main male character to join M.O.D.A.B and serves as one of the main characters alongside Dib, Lizbeth and Boomer. Though he is the true main protagonist/character of The4everreival series as he has the most character development in the series with Lizbeth being a close second, and appears in all of the stories

He is also one of the main breakout characters of the series that has made him popular enough to star in five adventures as a main protagonist where he works with new allies and previously established partners in stories with the whole team. He has a sixth adventure beginning with him and his friends working with Slade and his empire once more.

Bender has worked with a few other characters in their quests, though his primary work acquaintance is his former enemy Slade and his team.

In these adventures, he is in the B Team as the commander/leader of the team. Through these five adventures he has gathered his own rouge gallery in Uka Uka, Hunson Abadeer, Alternate Doofenschimtz, Taurus Bulba, Brother Blood, Vilgax, Discord, Obodiah Stane, Iron Queen, Terrance Lewis, the Patriots, Kefka, Dornamuu, BIG Cheese, Malefor, Darkseid, Hazama, Relius Clover, Mister Sinister, BlackGarurumon, GBF, Jesse, Loki, Albert Wesker, the Smoking Man, Gul Dukat, Crowley Haytham Kenway, Rodrigo Borgia, Cesare Borgia, Ganondorf, and Dark Lord.

Out of all his rogues, Discord is the standout one to serve as his adversary after the Joker's permanent death in The Great Time Travel Adventure at his and his close friend Marceline's hands, Until his reformation in Legends of Light and Darkness

He is married to Starfire of the Tazmarains and is the father of Sir Bendtron, Vlad Bender of the Russian Allegiance and Majin Bender of the Fat Man's group, He is also one of  the many robot kids/creations of MOM and the Joker

Stories where he had the most importance: The Grand Summer Season Trek, The Multi-Universal War of Destiny, Legends of Light and Darkness and LOTM: Next Gen Island Tour

Story where he had the least importance: The Final Stand (a cameo and flashbacks)

Occupation (s) : Leader of the B Team, 2nd in command of M.O.D.A.B, C.E.O of W.H.O.O.P, member of the T.U.F.F agency, King of Planet Tazmarain, Assistant Management of Sales at Planet Express, Graverobber (when he feels like it), Captain of the Canterlot Royal Guard, Leader of M.O.D.A.B (when Joker or Discord is concerned), Former 2nd in Command to Slade's Ensemble 

Greatest Strength: His improbable scheming and charismatics to win others to his side

Greatest Weakness: He can't be trusted at times due to his and by default Skipper and Heloise's manipulative tendencies and lying.

Best Friends: Dib, Lizbeth, Skipper, Starfire, Marceline, Heloise, Jorgen Von Strangle, King Julian, Captain KnucklesTwilight Sparkle, Phineas Flynn, Isabella Garcia Shaprio, Slade Wilson, Anti Cosmo Cosma, Suede, Death The Kid, Dr. Strange , Connor, Ezio, Mr. Gold, Castiel, Black Star, Jack Mitchell, Jack Bauer, Gohan, Makoto, Rick Sanchez, Luan Loud

Rivals: Wolf O' Donnell, the Robot Devil, Coyote, Haytham Kenway, Jesse (though they seem to be worthy opponents and Jesse actually seems to like him)

Alignment: Good (most of the time), Neutral (Slade Strikes Back)

Worst Enemies: The Joker (his creator/father), Eobard Thawne,  HazamaDiscord (Formerly), MOM (his mother), Anarky (his technical brother since as he was created and Anarky is Joker's son), BlackGarurumon , Paul McDaggett, Zaheer, Rodrigo Borgia, Cesare Borgia, Ganondorf, Darkwarrior Duck (TGTTA 2),

Voiced by: John DiMaggio

Height: 6 feet

Weight: 500 pounds

His theme

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His theme in Blackpool



Well he's a robot of silvery look about 6 feet tall. What else do I need to say about it, with foot cups and three fingers on each hand (although he should have four typical of a Matt Groening character like Homer Simpson or other Futurama Characters). He also has Square pupils in circular eyes in his visor.
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Bender as a baby


A classic asshole with a noble soft side is a few of words to describe him. If the heroes need someone who is ruthless and loyal he is their man or should I say robot for the job.

Unlike most heroes, he actually considers murdering his enemies and has killed many antagonists. (Although who he targets deserves his wrath). Everyone he wants dead, shortly became dead either by Bender himself or other circumstances, this shows he should NOT be messed with since if he wants you dead or out of the way, by golly he'll do it. Often he doesn't care about some of his friends concern's and acts on his own (usually violent , insane, selfish and/or reckless) impulses which annoys many of the more moral people he works with. This is one reason why he can't be the leader at times. Another reason is his manipulative nature as he constantly manipulates people to do what he wants, he does have his limits though as he doesn't manipulate his friends to kill themselves or to attack each other. One of his more shady dealings was in Slade Strikes Back where he went behind his team's back and joined forces with Anti Cosmo and Slade to stop the Joker which was kept from them and Slade's other allies. He also has a bit of a dark sense of humor as he finds a lot funny, and he even admits that Julian's stupid antics can sometimes be funny.

He is tough and very smart, like some heroes, but it's his morally ambiguous attitude and unpredictable mind that makes him dangerous to a vast majority of people hero or villain as no one knows what he may be up to . His ruthless decisions do cause trouble for his friends since they are more moral than he is especially Lizbeth who called him out on it earlier on before learning to appreciate his ways. Bender also hates treachery as when Jani Ca betrayed the team only to come back, He threatened to kill her and knowing him he would. One example of his brilliance and insane plans was his testing of Bubblegum's loyalty to the team that he worked with his 3 main allies. Bender is an absolute trickster who often tricks people and also uses it to test others on their loyalty and other skills knowing that a simple answer wouldn't suffice.

Bender is also the "evil" Bender since he is a criminal, who breaks in stores and banks, steals, kills and acts like an asshole. He has also being classified as the evilest robot to ever been sent to Robot Hell even to the point of shocking the Robot Devil himself with some things he does such as trading a kid to him for an army of the damn. He was also willing to cut a deal with Slade and act behind the heroes' backs to find the souls that they sought to use to stop their problems.

Like most anti-heroes he is not without a soft spot. He clearly is loyal to his friends mostly Dib, Lizbeth, Starfire, Skipper, Marceline and others. While he loves to lead, he will follow Dib or Lizbeth to the hilt and won't let them down when he has to lead. He is also rather gentleman like and protective of his love interest and eventual wife Starfire and he also shows this towards his ex Marceline too. He leads the team when Dib is AWOL and when he adventures for himself he gets the thrill of being in charge. He is also expertise on insane scheming and has a very charismatic side of him has made him one of the Six (so far) Descendants along his best friends Dib, Skipper and Lizbeth and his other friends Boomer and Scorpion.

He also has a bit of a insecure side which can show, especially when Starfire or the Angels of Hope and Light are concerned, He knows they're more heroic than him as he is quite a criminal and he believes that he isn't no hero never was. He's just an an ordinary robot who happens to do right.

Somehow Bender is one the Multi-Universe's most charismatic leaders as he had been able to get a large amount or most heroic people he has met on his side and team immediately get ready to defend the Multi-Universe for him as soon as they join. One could wonder how he managed to though. What is his secret to this we all wonder?

He has many enemies through his main adventures either with Dib or by himself.  His most notable enemy was the Joker who served as Bender's archenemy for 3 of the first four stories focusing on  him. After Bender killed Joker for good, he got a new arch-nemesis in Discord or as he puts him "Rudolph's deformed looking grand father." or "reindeer games.", who was being behind all of the current plots He, Skipper, Heloise and his friends stopped last summer with Vilgax and Iron Queen being his puppets and Terrance Lewis acting as his ally. Being utterly crazy at times he blurs badass boasts such as "I am not in danger, I AM the Danger" speech`When his friend Wendy stated he is in danger.


Bender is one of the Multi-Universe's most recurring characters and is the only member of M.O.D.A.B to have appeared in all stories focusing on members of the team. He is also the most prominent member since Django who appeared in all stories just like him but didn't join until after Slade Strikes Back and Django won't be in Of Light and Darkness. He was an also a main protagonist alongside Tuxedo Lovelace and Gabriel Haywood in Tuxedo Lovelace vs CarnEvil, where he allied with them to defeat Dormammu  with the help of his friends Skipper, Heloise, Finn, Django, King Julian, Marceline and Sari Sumdac.

The Beginning:

Bender debuted as a teriangotist to Dib and Bubbles and he helped them against Slade, out of boredom at first, but eventually for his friends. He played some important roles of his own, He encountered his main rivals Eddy and The V Team for the first time, got involved in a Halbred takeover with Edd and Boomer while facing Star Wolf and even went around kicking Joker and Anti Cosmo's asses. When everyone saved the Multi-Universe from Slade, He went back to his time line,

In between the stories However he was the first person to notice something wrong in between the stories and he went to Gotham to investigate where he caught on to a plan Anti Cosmo and Slade were scheming. He stopped Slade's goons, Helped Batman figure out Camdus Project which got his suspicion on about Joker and then he re-met Milo and Lizbeth as the three went to Slade's trial and saw him released before their eyes. Then the three reunited with Dib and Bubbles for the former's birthday, he felt lonely that unlike them he had no love so he spend Valentine's Day watching Hades's cooking shows while sighting, little did he know his next adventure he would find it.

Slade Strikes Back

Bender returned as a main character deuteragonist to Dib and was true hero of the story though he could be seen as one of the main villains alongside Slade and The Joker due to his actions and hindering his friends regarding Slade as both of them wanted to find Purgatory to accomplish their goals.
Feeling left out for not having a love interest like his friends. He played more solely as he went on his own frequently, he wandered off on his own and learned of Joker's (his archenemy) return and he began acting against Joker while his friends still figured Slade as the threat as they were unaware of his return. Bender knew something was rotten when he tried to get something claimed and Joker came in the door about Mickey Mouse's brother he decided to try stopping hm. During a funeral, Bender stayed home and learned of Joker's blackmailing Scourge and joined T.U.F.F to stop Joker not before mocking him on TV. Bender goes behind his friend's back and the heroes' backs by making a deal with Slade to gain access to the untapped magic so the two can use it for their own ends against The Joker with intentions to kill, Slade and Bender start hunting down the False Disney Stars to find this magic for their own ends. The two hunted down and captured them and interrogated information out of them Eventually Hillary Duff (The supposed mother of all False Disney Stars) comes to the Multi-Universe to make sure her false stars aren't killed or tortured by Slade.
He rescues Alpha X from Joker's ruthless hands for no reason and he begins developing good friendships with Gosalyn, X, Darkwing and especially Starfire who became his eventual love interest. his personal enmity with Joker led him to hilariously brutalize Joker left and right for crossing him. Duff eventually tracks Dib and M.O.D.A.B and tries to use Darkwing and Boomer as leverage to have them find and bring Slade to her and they learn what Slade is up to. Dib tells the others about this and they decide to go save their friends and stop Slade and Joker. They manage to save their friends and knock her out, but they fail to find Slade due to him escaping. Duff's unconscious body is found by Slade and Bender and bring her to the lab. Slade goes on Bender's case for the fact that Dib nearly catching him, but Bender reminds Slade that part of the deal was that Slade isn't to harm or kill M.O.D.A.B  as the robot wants to help his friends but he must also keep them from killing Slade. Slade and Bender decide to stall to wait when Hillary wakes up with Slade going after her children and Bender going after The Joker.

Slade upholds his bargain and steals Joker's Dip and captures more of the False Disney Stars to use as a bargain chip. After Joker escapes from Emperor X, Bender and Starfire after a confrontation with them, Bender returns with more news on Joker's plans when Hillary wakes up and the two decide to force information out of her. Hillary asks the duo what do they want with the magic, Bender wants it to defeat the Joker and prevent his plan while Slade wants it to keep his position secure to ensure his rivals don't usurp him and to insure Joker doesn't try anything against him. Hillary has her false stars help her try to kill Slade and Bender as the two refuse to stand down and she threatens to reveal their allegiance to the others. Slade has none of it and manages to crack her and he chooses to let her go. Duff refuses which signals Bender to use the dip with Slade which kills her forces the others to retreat.

Slade and Bender both successfully find the Disney Magic after learning Joker's X Parasite plan and use it as planned. The Joker however discovered Bender and Slade's alliance and threatened them to stand down. Joker threatened Bender that he would tell Dib and the heroes about his deception and allying with Slade and Slade with the truth of his alliance. They refused and Slade believed they must have a back up plan, so Slade alerted Hades who served as his undercover agent in The Children of Megatron about Joker. Afterwards Bender and Slade used the magic they took against The Joker to foil his plans to infect the Multi-Universe. They succeeded in their plan against the Joker and used the stolen magic to do what they wanted, Slade to visit the real world and Bender to stop the X Parasite invasion of Joker and taking the rest of Joker's allies to hell.

The V Team Island Adventure: (The B Team's first adventure)

In this first spinoff he was the main protagonist instead of Dib as he went on the first adventure of a life time with Starfire, Jorgen Von Strangle, Skipper and other old friends. This was also the first of three (so far) adventures where he would be the leader. He also met many new allies who would all become important to him notably King Julian, Scorpion, Marceline and Finn who grew to be close friends of his. Bender and his old friends got involved not just with new allies but He joined forces with his rivals Eddy, The V Team, Slade and Anti Cosmo against Uka Uka and his men who were intimidating both of the teams. They worked separately at first until after Bender and the gang's play at Shadow Realm where Bender reunited with Lizbeth and the two decided to go against Uka Uka. When they came together the team, They finished the job and got the Z Force on their side as Uka Uka was going to kill them. Afterwards he served as Scourge's best man and met a new ally in Heloise. During this adventure Bender, Eddy and their friends worked with the Disney Angels and Children of Autobots against Skeletor, Hordak, the Daleks and the Master, and one of his plans was how the Master got himself killed by Megatron.

In between the adventures he, Starfire, Skipper and Hades met Q and allied with him against Unicron as a result of Q being punished by the continuum. Q sacrifices himself alongside Phantom, to rescue them and the others. Bender, Hades, Skipper and Starfire all figured that Q was dead, but then he returned with a mariachi band which irked Bender and then afterwards he said he's say til next time. Then afterwards, went Jack of Blades get involved, he schemes a fake death with Skipper, King Julian and Chief and then collaborated with them and eventually The V team as well against Jack of Blades. When he returned he was surprised and impressed to see Starfire has aged up into a woman, and toughened up considerably, when Skipper asked Marlene. Bender got to be best man, until Starfire got a call and learned she had to marry so she asked Bender's hand in marriage who accepted. After Jack's defeat, He, Axel, Skipper and Starfire left but they decided to keep a eye on them with Dexter's help

The Great Time Travel Adventure:

Bender, Skipper and the others teamed up with Eddy and The V Team once more against his old enemies Marceline's Dad, Taurus Bulba, Alt Doof and his arch enemy once more The Joker. Bender though has trust issues with Dib as he revealed his secrets to him but they overcame it. In this story Bender reveals his past with Marceline the Vampire Queen and also how his arch-rivalry with Joker began. And once more Bender faces down The Joker and kills him with Marceline and keeps his head as a remembrance that Joker is dead although he still has some doubts about that. Once again he shows a trickster nature as his schemes were to make Darkwarrior Duck so desperate that he would bail Joker to show up so he can off him. He re-meets with his old friends from Planet Express and is offered to stay but he chooses to stay with Dib and co since they made need him more than the people who he lived with for a long time. Bender was a deuteragonist here alongside Dib to Lizbeth's protagonist as his conflict with Joker, His secrets from Dib, and his new teammates

The Grand Summer Season Trek

After this, Bender had a second adventure where he was the leader and protagonist. But this time it was just him, Skipper, Heloise, Jorgen, Finn, Marceline, Ice King, Django and King Julian here that returned for the adventure

So Bender is invited by King Julian alongside Skipper, Jorgen, Django, Heloise, Finn, Marceline and Ice King to go on his vacation cruise. With him being suspicious of a potential new threat alongside Skipper. After an encounter him, Heloise and Skipper meet Twilight Sparkle and then after some briefing the 10 start the new adventure. As always he is the chess master and then some. The 10 are unaware of the P Team's presence in their adventure for some time, The group makes their way to Ponyville after learning about Vilgax's attack. He with the others meet Princess Celestia, Gnowman and get reunited with Frida Suarez in their adventure. Now the 11 saved Spike from Discord's secret operatives. After that the team goes to a Gala they decide to head out on their journey by getting his go away crew and introducing the P Team. Then with Skipper he rescued Finn and Bubblegum. Bender and the B Team meet Snide who offers his help to stop Vilgax, Bender accepts and then he with Jorgen, King Julian and Skipper rescue Finn and Bubblegum again and take down Kaos.

Afterwards Bender's old foes Ripto and Alex Trevalyn return to join Vilgax for revenge on him. Bender, Skipper and Heloise all share a similar archenemy in Trevalyn and they all meet him again as he prepares his complex revenge plan towards Skipper, him and Heloise. Bender, Skipper and King Julian manage to stop S.T.A.N.K from it destroying the place and with it they saved a toxic town from annihilation. Afterwards Bender gets an email from Dib and Bubbles that addresses him, Skipper, Julian, Finn, Ice King, Marceline, Heloise, Jorgen and Django to sign the bring back Disney Petition.He and the team recruit Dr.House as a honorary member and the medic to the team. He meets Princess Morbucks and later Count Veger. Veger orders the B Team`s arrest with Lemongrab, Bender threatens Lemongrab with his life if he ever sees him again, he will kill him (something he made good on). They do escape thanks to Julian and join forces with CIA agent Stan Smith who leads them to Area 51 where they will meet another new alley before Flame Princess in Sari Sumdac.

He also reunites with Meowth and Luigi and teams up with them again. Then he, Skipper, Heloise, Finn, Marceline, King Julian, Twilight and Sari all travel around Fire Grotto and recruit Flame Princess by saving her from Discord. Bender learns of Super Loser Zeroes plan and has schemed a way to put their plan to a halt In fact this plan is quite ingenious as he has told no one. His plan was to convince Mange and Liberty Belle that they could help bring Harmony back and he is completely sincere about his deal with them. Then Bender, Skipper, Jorgen Von Strangle and King Julian manage to get Brick and Butch back to normal by planning a scare em straight skit. Then after a ride to Gotham City the home of his archenemy and learns to his dismay that Batman isn't there. He does run into Harley Quinn and Hugo Strange. The latter working for Vilgax and like Skipper he is pissed at what Strange did to his friend. Then he find out what Count Veger did to Twilight Sparkle and he retaliates by brutally assaulting Veger. With the team splitting up for their next task he takes his half and works with Skipper, King Julian, Heloise and Ice King to find the first key in the caverns. Then in another way of showing his determination he and Skipper face a T.A.R.L.O.S under orders of his foe Trevalyn and they defeat it thanks to their teamwork. His next plan unravels when he takes Skipper, Heloise, Spike, Falco and Ahsoka with him to a few months in the past to do a little grave digging to relocate a body Bender waned to restore with Ra Al Ghul's help. It is revealed that this body was Profion as Bender may have needed his help to stop Vilgax and Profion feeling gratitude and guilt joins him and his team.

Once more he must reluctantly accept the allies of Star Wolf and Reaver to help him and Cap Knuckles against Vilgax. Alongside Skipper, Heloise, Blue Wonder, Twilight, Django, Profion, and The P Team he rescues Finn and Sari. Then he acknowledges with Skipper and Finn brutal violence on Dr.Hugo Strange. While Knuckles faces Vilgax he and his guys destroy the mecha minions of him to make sure Knuckles has no interference. Then he, Skipper and Heloise all battle with Discord to stop him and then do succeed. Alongside Skipper, Heloise, Profion and the Mane Cast he defeats Discord and saves the day while being honored by Celestia alongside Skipper, Heloise, the Mane Cast and the others.

Afterwards Bender and the group are invited by Slade and Anti Cosmo to attend the wedding. He meet Slade's new team mates, his wife Celes and meet with The V Team again (minus Eddy, Lara Su, Fiona, Lien Da and Wave). Afterwards Bender told Slade, Negaduck and the rest that he's going to keep a eye on Eddy against their new threat. Something that He, Skipper, Heloise, Pericles and the rest made good on, before they went Bender decided to give many of friends time off including Marceline, Jorgen and Ice King as he, Skipper, King Julian, Heloise, Django and Finn stay to take out Iron Queen.

Totally Mobian Spies:

Bender manages to find evidence of Eddy's innocence and with Jorgen's help convinces Fiona, Lara Su, Lien Da, Wave And Edd to join the W.H.O.O.P Agency. He sends Snake to give the details to them while he, Skipper, Twilight and Django take a glance in on the activities. Bender does this before his adventure ends.

He contacts Jerry after his adventure with Skipper, King Julien and Heloise that he'll join on the hunt after a few days to himself. He and the team find themselves returning to the CIA for their next action. Bender and Mandark try to call the Sly Cooper Gang but they're busy so the gang try to make company when Iron Queen's robots attack so Bender leads the attacks with his 2 main allies Skipper and Heloise alongside War Hero Big Boss. Next then he and the crew call up Sly and co when Penelope gives their involvement away to Fiona who wants to know what's going on here so they all decide to explain it out to her. Because of this Bender holds a meeting with his team particularly with Skipper, Heloise, Finn, Django, King Julien and Meowth about what their course of action will be. When Stan abducts Lara Su and Double D He has set things straight with Skipper, Heloise, Applejack and Phineas due to Stan's paranoia. He re-meets with Lizbeth, Alex, Pinky, Brain, Edd, Eddy, Fiona, Lara Su, Lien Da and Wave and meets Sam, Clover, Jazz Pants, and Merida. He recruits Lizbeth, Pinky, The Brain, Merida and reluctantly Frost who is distant to him and his 5 for meeting unable to save Subzero. Bender, Skipper, Heloise, Meta Knight and co end meeting Kirby, Tiff and Tuff but they have to explain the situation. They join afterwards and then they encounter King Dedede. After an encounter with Magic Man, He takes the magic man and decides to have his ass kicked by Finn in retaliation for killing Jake thinking that Magic Man deserves more than simply being beating. Bender spends spare time having a puking contest with Skipper, Finn and Julian . After learning about Lara Su's imprisonment he doesn't hesitate to get it solved by sending three of his pony friends to get her out and to get a trusted companion to help Eddy. Twilight and Cadence in between gave Bender the position of Captain of the Royal Guard that Cadence's husband once had. He and some of his pals end up meeting Dipper and Mabel from Gravity Falls and learning about their family's murder from his to be rival Mecha Sally as he recruits them in. Dipper explains to him alongside Skipper, Heloise, Big Boss, Snake, Stan about the heart origins and then he learns from Julian and Pinkie about their murder. Bender and the crew have an encounter with Ghestsis and 343 Guilty Spark, Bender is one of the few immune to the cuteness proximity by wearing cuteness proximity shades. He schemes with a plan to stop Guilty Spark when he learns about Isabella's cute proximity and then points the adorably cute and dorkish comment Phineas made about Isabella. Once again he meets Carmelita Fox and learns some more stuff. He is secretly working on two projects. The first one he is working with Skipper, Heloise, Finn, Twilight, Phineas and Isabella on something candy related. It's revealed that them, Julian and Pinkie are working on explosive candy that can severely damage the insides of a person. He recruits on Master Chief as well as Cortana to his team after meeting with his old friend Profion as they must figure out where to go by going to Cybertron. It also looks lie, He, Master Chief, Skipper, Asami, Heloise and Cortana are some of our friends that are heading to find their next location. With the help of Cortana they reach the place where they learn where they must go and it's revealed that Bender is a Descendant in the Descendant prophecy the deplorable and scheming and charismatic one which fits him like a glove. He and the gang get to a bad sighting with Hiroshi Sato and Bender seems to know his story and he gets slightly peeved that so many people have father issues. Mecha Sally makes her own on him and Bender faces her down and manages to succeed and Dooku shows on him and the other two Skipper and Heloise to talk and they are all wondering what he meant. So it seems that him and his team's next location is New York City the home of him, Skipper and Julian as New York is under attack by Red Skull so he takes his team to save his future city and becomes allies with Snake's brother Soldius who joins the team due to being lied to. It may have been possible that Bender allowed Soldius to join because their motivations are not so different as they both wish to be remembered.

So now they must go to Skipper's home so he tags with Skipper, Django and Julian in one of the races there. When the crew arrives to the zoo Bender and the others get a call from his alley Jill Valentine about what's going on as she is working for him and gives him much information to work with. It looks like with Red Skull's invasion, He and his 2 pals Skipper and Julian are especially deciding to end Red Skull's plan. Bender alongside Skipper and Heloise lead some of their new friends into a secret cave entrance to find something of importance. He and the others are encountered by Joker Junior and Hiroshi Sato who both have reasons against him for this, Due to Bender wishing to eliminate the legacy of his archenemy he goes against J.J. and knocks the brat out of the sky in a clown car. He jumps out of the ship for humorous reasons landing next to his friends and then having meet his alley Jill Valentine again, He goes with the team to help Pericles with his antidote and is surprised to see it works. Bender then is surprised to see some of his boys here and he sends Jill with them to gather more information for him, while telling them he send Goofy, Donald, Sora, Blue, Aleu, Gilbert and a few of the others to help the Children of The Autobots without telling them they are working for Bender.

Next up he calls up Eddy and the others and reports his previous actions before then. He is called up and learns from his pals where he can find them. He begin making plans within plans with his boys and becomes a bit fearful that Lizbeth will figure his intentions out.

Bender then decides to head for the factory as he is a robot and takes Skipper, King Julian, Django of the Dead, Asami and Sandy with him. He goes into the toy factory with his 5 pals and meets a boy named Tak, then finds a old friend in Jimmy Neutron and lastly decides to help Calamitous' unappreciative assistant Chadbot get more action figures. When Asami manages to bring Neutron's memories back, Bender is pleased to have his pal back as he, Skipper and Julian talk about Jimmy. He is approached by his old friends Zuko and Katara who were caught and escaped just like Tak, and they make good on their promise to help him with this one. Then when Jimmy calls Danny, Bender comes with him and the 11 of them then derail the plans and derive Calamitous of his ghost energy. Then Bender leads his 10 pals into reclaiming the lab Calamitous took from someone with plans to take Fairy World back from Calamitous and his Harvester. He and his pals have help from a newcomer and with her help they tack back Fairy World back and find their last one. It is revealed that Bender has been manipulating the Pete group into what he wants by using Bubblegum and in a way Sari to do retrieve pieces for his weapon against the Patriots. Bender also made sure he used duplicates and in a way Pete lost before he even began as the robot was in control the whole time. After re-meeting with Eddy, and getting Mecha Sally just like he planned

He takes Skipper, Phineas and Asami with him to de-robotize and learn what's going on from Sally. Bender learns the truth behind her robotization and what will he and Skipper do about their take Mobius back Plan. With all the hearts, Bender, his team and Eddy are ready to stop The Syndicate. Firstly Bender is meet by former alley of Iron Queen, Professor Calamitous who joins the team. When he and Skipper talk to the professor, Lizbeth hears this and she calls Bender and Skipper out for lying and keeping secrets from the team and Bender being afraid of her anger apologizes about it. Bender and Skipper get contact with the rest and learn of the news. Through Big Boss defeating the Patriots with his Alpha Team, Bender gets access into the lair of Iron Queen with his friends. He gets in through Asami and when they learn Heloise went to get IQ anyway, He admits her craziness and defends it. He allows Lizbeth to chase her to make sure she's fine. Bender then encounters true mastermind Terrance Lewis and after learning what went on he, Skipper, Phineas and Isabella go to stop him. Bender and the 3 confront Terrance and they take him down in a mecha while Eddy and the girls save Jerry. Bender then tricks Terrance into telling him other things he's done while he phones Carmelita to arrest him as he called her so she could hear Terrance's confession to everything. Then he claims back Mobius and tells Sally of it as Bender secretly worked with Negaduck, Scourge, Dr. Nefarious and the rest of the V Team to take Mobius back as part of their deal regarding keeping Eddy and the girls safe.

Tuxedo Lovelace vs CarnEvil

Bender appears here and joins forces with Tuxedo Lovelace, Shadow Queen and Gabriel Heywood against CarnEvil as he helps the group fight off threats that come the group's way and then follows them into the haunted house and faces down with them against Charmcaster. Skipper and Heloise are to appear with Bender in this. Bender meets up with Skipper and Heloise and gets into a confrontation with his clone Vlad Bender. He gets Finn, Sari, King Julian and Django to help him after terrible things befall his friends. And Marceline eventually as she saves them. Leaving him thrilled that his pals are back and that him, Lovelace and Heywood stopped Dormammu for now.

So now Bender and his friends Skipper, Heloise, Lizbeth, Finn, Django, Edd, King Julian, Pinky and The Brain reunite with their pals and with the help of his friend House they know how his wife got pregnant and now he's a father. He then goes with Heloise, Finn, Skipper, Jimmy Neutron, Twilight and King Julian to see Bubblegum. The 8 decide on using the experiment and he has a sleepover with Jimmy, Finn and Skipper. With snow coming and winter Bender gets Skipper and Heloise so they can set up their Xmas B Team party. He goes with Skipper, Phineas. Isabella and Stan to shop and begins to agree with Stan and his opinion. When he learns of Julian going to get the tree he and Skipper chase after him to make sure Ringtail doesn't get killed. They find him and call him out on how reckless Julian was in his plan. This is strange since Bender did many crazy things on Christmas such as being Santa, Stealing from an old lady with other robots through a Christmas Carol and wanting to celebrate Robokaunah. When everything is ready, Bender gets a important letter which drives him and Skipper to figure everything out. Hiccup and Astrid follow them since they ask them what's going on and Bender reveals he has plans to abduct Santa and have him at the party. Bender is revealed to have spied on Discord and Terrance, he knows they have something alongside Skipper, Hiccup and Astrid. He decides with them to tell Heloise, Phineas, Isabella and Pericles about it. He tells Heloise with Skipper about Discord and they make observations, when he learns about Santa almost dying, he goes out to save Christmas with Skipper. They fuck it up Family Guy style with excessive violence on a family and make mistakes. Bender also had Heloise help them and they all get busted when Lizbeth sees them and calls them on their insane idea.

The Multi-Universal War of Destiny

Bender returns for this new adventure as one of the main heroes and characters so far. Bender must once again stop Discord for the 3rd time and he's dealing with Terrance Lewis again as well as old rival Hannibal Bean. But to add to the difficulty he is dealing with Sigma and his forces too. He will be one of the four main characters of his side of the story alongside Dib, Lizbeth and Captain Knuckles. With Discord around, one wonders how he and his pals will tell Dib, Bubbles, Milo, Lizbeth, Boomer, Edd, Nina and the others about his history with the spirit of chaos and disharmony.

Everything starts all fine, and then chocolate rain and rainbow clouds start showing up and Bender knows it's Discord's work so he leaves with Skipper, Heloise and Finn to find Celestia. He re-meets Twilight Sparkle and the six encounter Discord who calls the robot on attacking his base when he tried to kill Liquid and the others. After this encounter, the four M.O.D.A.B members must decide how to tell the others about Discord. He, Skipper, Heloise, and Finn get back as Django and Julian call them up and the six talk about Discord's return. Bender is still skeptical to tell them about Discord, since he knows their track history. At the trial, Bender recognizes Terrance and MOM and knows something is askew.

He communicates with his team and they give them their opinions on Discord and through Isabella he realizes Discord is targeting Gosalyn. This reveals he is fearing of what Discord may to do his friends should he learn of them being his pals. His fear is revealed to very quite correct as he does just that. Dib accuses him of being reckless which he defends  that it's comes to handy. They break ties as a result

He alongside Skipper, Heloise, Finn, Marceline, King Julian, Django, Starfire, Jorgen, Django and Axel travel to where Sato made their appointment. He starts hinting at Discord to the others and then he alongside Skipper, Heloise and Twilight begin thinking about who they want to join their against Discord. They make their choices and he meets the Arbiter. He, Skipper, Heloise and Scorpion are all keeping Bender's true reason for not informing Dib secret. He is next playing a volleying game of insults with Discord as he shows Bender what he just did to the Republic.

Next up he and the team arrive at their allocated location, he and his pals make friends with the daughter of his old ally Ikari Young as he has inform the others about Sigma and the Rings of Utopia. Next he takes the challenge against his friends by the groups and he manages to acquire his ring  By the looks of it, Bender and his friends are returning to the Grotto for mission #2. He talks with Celestia about what's going on and after Celestia confirms Dib seeing her, He states that this is all going according to plan. Bender then meets Sigma and Vanelope with the former trying to recruit him and the others into his plan but Bender turns him down,

He then visits the AVGN and learns about the whole thing with Wesker and The Critic. Because of his innocence, the robot schemes to break the nerd out of jail. He takes Skipper, Heloise, King Julian, Marceline, Finn, Django and Sari to do just that. Then Bender has the Nerd go stop the villains in their spider bot then they leave back to their car. Bender then talks with Celestia about the events that transpired with his friends Skipper, Master Chief, Heloise, Sari and Axel. Bender then gets clues on his 4th ring from a unknown source and alongside Skipper and Heloise he figures it out. He arrives in Berk and meets with Hiccup's father who he decides to help after learning of Mildew nearly killing Spike, He and Skipper decide to destroy Mildew. He then ambushes Mildew with him to save Spike. After trying to get him to talk and Mildew spitting in Bender's face, he decides to have Mildew killed.

Bender and the crew then go to a robot town where he meets Axl, Giro and Alie who decide to help. Bender then hears out Axl's story and discourages Finn's more unhesitating to fight ideas. He, Skipper, Heloise, Phineas and Isabella all fight with Lewis and his airship as a result they win. He then meets Vanelope again and learns Lizbeth's alive and working with Hunson to stop Discord and Sigma. He, Skipper, Julian, Heloise, Finn, Django and Marceline are unsure since Abadeer did go against them once more when they helped Tuxedo against Dormammu.

He meets Jack Frost have a crash causing by Frost's arch-enemy, Pitch Black, which it caused him to get separated from the girls. After the team gets back together, Celestia finds them and he goes with her to  begin preparing for Discord since he wants Discord for him and his team alone.

Discord taunts him after the others are killed, and Bender very angry at Discord decides to get him for this. He got even madder after learning Discord invaded one of his bases and threatened his kid to the point where he left the team to find him and pulverize the league which surprisingly worked. He cashed one of his wishes from The Star Spirits to use invisibility, powerful weapons, put a curse on Discord to lose his powers and a suit that grants near unmatchable power. He ruthlessly plows through the Dystopia League army causing the others to retreat. Discord and him have a snark match (A.L.A Loki and Tony in The Avengers), then he takes his revenge by kicking the shit out of him three times, then he ties him up and forces him to dress as a panda, then cattle prods him and has him gang raped by male panda bears. He did this to make Discord stay off Dib, Lizbeth and Knuckles' backs. Then he had them fight Weil and Sigma, while he went after Discord

He, Skipper, Heloise and Twilight battle Discord for the Multi-Universe after everyone is done with and they succeed in stopping him. He comes back from his fight with Discord too late to say goodbye to Dib and Bubbles as they sacrificed themselves for the good of the universe. He doesn't take it well and falls saddened like Skipper and Axel

Eventually Heloise, Phineas and Isabella decide to help him get over by taking the three of them on a country road trip all summer which leads into

Legends of Light and Darkness

He returns again acting as one of the main characters and heroes of the story. Bender and his team join forces with Hiccup and the Alpha Team and Slade and his team against the League of Darkness. He and his team serve as the head protagonists particularly him, Skipper, Heloise, Phineas and Isabella.

His story here starts in Orlando, Florida in the real world with Skipper, Phineas, Isabella, Heloise and Axel who came back to their hotel room after a fun day. They plan where to head for tomorrow deciding on a water park when the Nerd calls them up and the other four main members appear making their U.S. Cross country vacation party grow to 10. However they are encountered by Bunny who is still mad at Jack for something he did. But it's about something as he has the yetis stuff him and the other 9 into a sack through a portal

When it was confirmed that North and Zordon had them put in the sack. Bender sarcastically points out how he likes being shoved in a sack.  Wanting answers he goes to see Zordon and having heard of Malefor and the fact dragons fear him. The robot states that villainy is villainy and that it's always the nice ones to be careful about. When they go to leave, Bender's escapade with the sled last X-mas was still remembered by Bunny. After being dropped off, he and the rest of the 10 return to the Multi-Universe with Heloise's dimension jumping machine. After being dropped off in the Channel Awesome, He meets Nostalgia Chick, When Jack accidentally hits the Chick, Bender stops with the others to check on her.

To their surprise Chick knows Malefor and decides to help them, Alongside Nostalgia Chick Slade and Anti Cosmo show too to help him.He Contacts the Alpha Team a.l.a video phone dressing like Link as he puts on fantasy. He laughs at Axl's costume and gets disgusted at Axel's gag crotch with the other boys. After all this he rallies up the others to begin. A call gets him and his pals to Equestria to see how well attacked it was investigating with Skipper, Slade and Bowser he brushes through the league of darkness's armies and comes face to face with Khan. Later he complains about prophecies and their vagueness. After getting into an argument, they have to choose who to go for the first fragment of Model A and they choose Isabella. He is next called by Master Albert to be informed of Model W, he also asks Heloise what makes her think the life force of Model W is human and also informs them that even the villains can be corrupted by it. When news of the second piece hits his non existent ears, He goes off to get with Skipper and Heloise. He sneaks into an old warehouse and alongside Heloise, Skipper, Slade, Anti Cosmo and Celes disguises herself as a solider. They are eventually figured as he asks a question about one of Miles' actions, though Bender takes action and shoots Saddler's staff out of his hand. Bender, Skipper and Heloise find the 2nd fragment only for Dredd, Bowser Jr. and Fender to show attempting to arrest them. Bender has none of this crap and steals Dredd's car driving into the mall where is chased by the trio, as they ultimately get away. When they get back, he crashes the car into the ship and meets the two heroes who saved his friends from falling and recruits them into the team.

Bender meets Jack Bauer who helps in getting Axl and the others out. Bauer also gives the team direction to how to get their friends out. This works as he goes after Bowser Jr. to free the people captured, he does knock Jr around and gets a few prisoners before falling off and watching Interpol explode. He and the others go do their tasks where he talks to the others about what's going on and has Zordon keep the others safe. He works in the lab with Heloise and Phineas on something of an enhancement which Skipper disapproves since he is a bit of annoyed with it. He also is happy to see Phantom R back who joins him. After the crash, he is with Skipper, Heloise, Phineas, Isabella, Orion and Jack Bauer where he acting outright insane to get them out of a chained up apartment. Then they go to into the sewers over to Daily Planet where he meets the Pack and takes on Coyote and Wolf. Afterwards he learns of Penelope's betrayal and decides to have her killed. When he hears of Axel's near death he goes to save him and meets his next newest ally Suede. He arrives on Darkseid's ship through the signal Phantom R and Slade send, and he helps his friends fend off Aplokips and when Hades defeats Darkseid, he gets curious asks why he is working for Malefor (someone who is an inferior to him) After the events he talks with Aang, Balthazar and Hellboy regarding the event and Axel comes out fine after a long time of resting.

After Giovanni and Ozai`s actions, Gohan calls him up alongside his friends as he warns them that Giovanni and Ozai are coming after him. Back on the Enterprise, he monologues to himself about the past events particularly Dib's death. He talks to Axel about the whole feeling about the feeling of being forgotten and that he may not admit that he feels guilty. He calls everyone in the meeting room where he tells the others that someone is threatening him, Skipper, Heloise, Axel, Slade and Anti Cosmo with letters in blood. He gets something from Nerissa regarding Khan and the others on Will. Khan then opens communications to him and Slade and is touched that the two remember him. When Khan tries to get the duo to hand the Biometals they refuse and with Heloise's help they teleport out of there. When the team begins to plan what to do, while Slade reminds them of Khan, he reminds them about the Aztec Complex. He suspects a trap regarding the circumstance, regardless he decides to let them have their fun, as it would make their time all the sweeter. Going with Anti Cosmo and Slade, they crawl through the vents with him complaining due to his size. Phineas makes it easier for him to get through, which unknowingly has them right at Khan's door.

Slade and Bender both decide to attack Khan head on which seems to be a gutsy move on their part as they give Anti Cosmo, Skipper, Phineas and Isabella time to derail the alarm for the others to do their work. They meet Will Vandom who was seeking him out respectfully on Zordon's orders. Bender quickly suspects Zordon is in trouble regarding Malefor and how right he was. He asks Suede what Hiccup and the others have been doing and is pleased with their success. Skipper has him and Heloise see something he found which alerts the three to go find Zordon's corpse as he was killed. He and the others understand as such why it was invoked so Malefor could lure them there to get them together. Which was indeed right as the robot instantly shows no fear against him and actually mocks his voice. Malefor retaliates by threatening him and Slade with death in they intervene too much of course he and Skipper don't take this threat lying down. However their talk is interrupted by a familiar laugh. which to his friends horror is The Joker, his arch-nemesis. Joker of course taunts him and Bender threatens him with death since he is so annoyed with him returning. Will, Phineas, Isabella and Suede ask Bender what's going on with Joker and the robot decides to tell them the tale of his adversary before Discord appeared.

In Act 5, His LONG awaited back story before he met Dib will be revealed to Skipper, Anti Cosmo, Slade and the audience. Before that Bender mentions to Phineas, Isabella, The Nerd, Axl, Alie, Jack Frost, Phantom R, Nostalgia Chick, Orion, Jack Bauer, Suede, Marie and Will his history with the pastry freak with a bad sense of humor. He also personally states what anyone would say in that he wants the psycho in purple to die and stay out of his life, especially because Joker tricked Bender into killing Blossom and Buttercup without knowing he was attacking the real ones. This is something that he hasn't told Dib, Bubbles, Milo, Lizbeth, Boomer, Edd, Nina,Brick, Butch or even Starfire.

Slade asks Bender to see his time machine with Anti Cosmo and Skipper. Possessing the Time code the one thing that can get past time police, He and Slade use it in the time machine to find out when Joker truly died. However due to a mistake the four land in the year 10000. He and Skipper do manage to find how out Joker came back again and like he thought, he truly died in his role with Hunson but since he returned here it meant he has no recall of Abadeer or his empire. Bender decides to with the others to keep time traveling so they could find a backwards time machine. Bender and Skipper learn about a new location called Cyberspace where everything from the past is stored so they can find anything they want.  Bender, Slade, Skipper and Anti Cosmo constantly time travel to find a backward time machine only to fail due to circumstances. When they do find an opportunity, he screws it with his anger that wouldn't let him stay in the good future where robots kill humans. However he changes his tone when they arrive at the very end of the Multi-Universe, where he sympathizes with Skipper's plight regarding they'll never see their pals again. The two then find something from their wives which catches their attention. It was a note regarding despite things that have happened, Starfire admits her time with Bender was the happiest she has ever been. Bender alongside Skipper, Anti Cosmo and Slade decide to kick off the end of the Multi-Universe with a six pack and watch it die. However a second Multi-Universe just like the previous and they go back (the 2nd time around) since Slade screwed things with a mistake. After that, Slade and Skipper wonder how he met Dib

Prior to the first story, Bender's young son died and he spent six months at the grave, where his wife left him because he wasn't talking to her. Bender quit his job and time traveled back in time to go on a drunken bender with the ship. He was a wreck, and when Dib and Bubbles landed on the ship, the kid saved him and helped him get his life back in order. Bender swore even if he was a jerk to have Dib's back from that point on, when Discord happened with Dib leaving him and eventually dying. It was like losing his son all over again, Slade and Skipper both try talking him to accept that Dib is never going to be his son. Afterwards The Joker tries to guilt him and force him to commit suicide, this almost works until Skipper gives the detail. Bender furious at Joker decides to make him pay. He just does that by threatening Joker and after drinking a beer, he smacks Joker's face and brutalizes him. He meets Manhattan, Stan and Wendy who he joins to go after Silas possibly. He and Anti Cosmo save their friends from Horvath with Bender ramming Saix and Carnage with a heavy ship. The seven escape and Bender discovers Sly Cooper and others were attacked and taken by Entity or The Joker. However Joker is content with trying to attack him with a satellite laser which he avoids. He finds his friends and kills Ursula indirectly with Slade, Anti Cosmo and Skipper with the four he met.Back at the base, Bender informs the new comers about what's going on with Malefor, Darkseid and Model W. When Wendy shows concern for how much danger he may get into, Bender points out " I am not in Danger, I AM THE DANGER, A guy opens his door and gets shot and you think that of me, no. I am the one who Knocks.`` When he and his friends learn Model W's identify he is shocked to learn it's Dr. Weil, the partner of his other major archenemy Discord. With this news, He seems concerned that Discord may come back again at the same time Joker's around.

Manhattan and Bauer give him the details about what's going on with Model 6, He is called by Marceline earlier where he hires her on to find info on Joker. He is called by the clown who tries to kill the team with a plane of the future, of course this angers him to the point where he calls Joker "Crazy F%&$er"

He and the team are led to the mountains by Phineas who does seem to know where`s he`s going. After learning all locations of the League of The Darkness, Bender and the others must decide what and who to do. It is also shown that Bender wants to go to Cyberspace as the place has files on everything that has happened in the past. His intent is to find a way to defeat or kill The Leader of The League of Darkness, he may have other reasons for this. Hiccup, Astrid and Zuko call him on the lab where he addresses that it's Dexter's lab when Aang is defended by Katara. Bender and Skipper both make threats on Weil who comments on he will squish them like they did with Discord. After seeing Weil's actions, Bender and Slade both believe Weil is using mind control on Katara this is due to his acknowledge on bloodbending and how it drive a mind mad. He also oversees Manhattan's mission on Silas with Skipper and Heloise. He learns from Harupia about Cyberspace and where to go.  He and the others watch Jack Bauer torture Bowser Jr. which unnerves him and the crew due to Jack's Brutality.

Bender goes off on his mission with Skipper, Heloise, Jack Bauer, Slade and Anti Cosmo and meets the Pack again. He takes on the New Coyote and once again ruffles it down to size.  Jackal and Hyena come back up ready to fight again, though he knocks them out instantly withe intent to kill them. He meets the Nostalgia Critic who he joins forces with as Critic chases Giovanni and Ozai with a gun and a temper to match. With Cyberspace, he makes the entrance to Skipper, Heloise, Phineas, Isabella, Stan, Wendy, Suede, Harpuia and Makoto. In Cyberspace, he finds what he was looking for and learns Hunson Abadeer's back story about his rise and fall to evil. When the team leaves Cyberspace, Marceline appears right there surprising him. He comes back  with the information and talks with Scamp and Annette who he organized his plans with them. They learn of Malefor's destructive plan with The Destroyer, which while powerful doesn't faze him. He interrogates Joker with Marceline under the Morticous Virus, after he doesn't listen, He brutalizes Joker to the Stellos Kontos Theme. He gets a message from Hiccup that he will be there soon while talking with his friends.

When Hiccup arrives he is dead set to finish this though he asks where Aang, Balthazar and Spyro are and learns of the Entity consuming them. He and the crew go to Slade's castle, where Sideshow Bob and Ocelot let him in when the creator is revealed of the biometals, Bender figures out it's Ciel a friend of Zero. Hunson Abadeer appears there too and Bender is suspicious to trust him with his wanting to help Slade and him. He tells Chick about Hunson and explains that for all he's done, Weil and Discord are worse. Makoto learns about Evil Mickey and tells him about the evil Disney corporation. The B Team, the Alpha Team and Slade's Ensemble travel through the caves of Slade's castle and all go their own ways to find their Models. Bender travels with the team into their path when they see Charles Logan where they chase him. He drives as he's in charge, Logan goes underwater through a machine which gets Bender to think he's a spy though Jack shoots this down. Bender is told by Skipper that Logan moved to Hiccup and the team's radar which annoys Jack. Joker calls Bender and taunts him about his plans and sends off a mutated Addler to kill them. They reach their area and tell the others to remember what Joker did. He sends Nostalgia Critic to find their model Z. Later he and Scamp literally knock sense into Katara after bringing her in. Bender and Skipper learn Slade's true identify and his story regarding how he became Slade. He, Skipper, Heloise, Phineas, Isabella and Suede are the picked partners of Model Z

Bender notices the mountain is dead ahead and is ready to do this, but not before he reveals a disturbing revelation. He states that "The Multi-Universe itself is dying worn out and crumbling, and when you
look back through the years and see what has happened through our adventures maybe The Multi-Universe and humanity really are running out of steam, we, the heroes are the ones responsible for bringing this world closer and closer to it`s death because of many certain factors." This is because they don't kill their adversaries and let them live another day, they need to take down as much as possible, so the cycle can end. Bender tells the team of their first mission which involves Shade. Bender then heads off to open the seal to the lair, he and Skipper fight and defeat Wolf and Coyote with Bender destroying Coyote for good. Bender and Slade both then get Dredd arrested by saving Manhattan and Scamp from the self destructing ship. Bender goes after Joker and learns that the transporter is disabled so he has Skipper and Heloise find out how and decide on who to go for Malefor. Bender fights The Joker and after a rough fight, he does win. Bender spares Joker because he wants Joker to know he lost, Joker being ungrateful makes him change his mind. With Marceline and Discord's Help he kills Joker with a fate worse than death. He becomes the 12 heroes of The B Team to fight Malefor and they fight him and Khan in a tedious battle alongside Hiccup and Slade's team. Before this he gets Gohan out of the way after he defeats Darkseid and Luthor sacrifices himself to stop him.

Malefor claims he is incapable of being defeated as he is eternal, the robot and his pals shut him up and they have him destroyed. Captain H. shows but Bender nor does Slade trust him while Hiccup does. They learn of Hazama and Relius as well as Hazama who trolls him and leaves them with his fresh villain. To his shock it`s Sari, who unlike the other heroes in the story choose to turn into a villain and Sari tries to recruit him by using the not so different speech regarding their distaste for humans. He decides to go after Hazama with Slade while Hiccup and co get Relius. He's happy to see Twilight but angry that Discord is free, though Discord wishes to help. He ponders to himself about the universe and shares his opinions with 4 of his best friends and Suede that he's been fighting longer than any of his friends and it's time for peace in his side of the universe and that he just wants to relax and live his life with Starfire and everyone else.

Bender is one of the only few who knows that Patch is planning to revive Aang. He tries to get him to reconsider, but knew that he'd say no. So he tells him not to do anything too risky. Bender battles with Hazama with his friends and defeats him. He and Slade kill him using a quantum lichen and they decide to escape with Axel staying behind with Megabyte and Balthazar. He also didn't kill Sari despite her betrayal because that would feel ungrateful. He searches for Axel desperate to find him alongside Skipper, Heloise, Jack Bauer, Phineas, Isabella, Hiccup and Astrid. However the eight find  Axel dead, to their shock. He decides on living his life while he can at the wedding when approached with Slade's offer. Bender confides in Skipper about everything and agrees with Skipper's realizations, while he doesn't trust Discord he's willing to let him try to change. Bender ends the series with these words "We have a new world to explore my friends. The peaceful universes that we brought back from war. Let's go exploring".

LOTM: Darkness Incarnate


LOTM: Next Gen Island Tour

15 years after his last adventure and being the new head of M.O.D.A.B without any of the old members he realizes he missed the old days which he confides in Skipper, Heloise, Phineas and Isabella who are his four closest friends.He is one of the main characters and assumed to be the protagonist but was actually the dueteragonist.

Fortunately the five get a opportunity to relive the old days when something goes haywire. He, Skipper, Heloise, Phineas, Isabella and the rest of the team join forces with Slade, Anti Cosmo, Death the Kid, Discord, The Multi-Universal Resistance, The Alpha Team, The Miracle Elite and newcomers Sora, Mr. Gold (the son of Peter Pan) and Princess Anna while he searches for a magical item that could allow Dib to come back from the dead though he wants it for Skipper to use to bring his men back to live and fights the Sinisters of Evil and the Children of BlackGarurumon with new friends. He will help Black Star with the other 4 teams against The Templar Order and will work with Kratos and the Striker Force and two other returning groups with associations to the Striker Force.

Bender and Skipper see Starfire off with their son. The two then see Heloise who is planning to propose to Jimmy and also is working on a deager what they help her with. The two provoke Jorgen to chase them and they get the whole thing working. Phineas and Isabella comes along and the three talk with them and suggest them to use it. Suede and Jack Bauer come knocking and tell Bender to suit up as there is a mission which Stardash states that he may have been depressed about not having war to fight in. He also brings her with him since he fears what would happen if he did not. Jack tells him that he knows too that much and meets with his friend Saul Goodman, his allies, Death the Kid, Discord and new friend Mr. Gold.  He reminds Death the Kid and Slade to work with Discord despite their distrust of him

Bender is surprised that when Mr. Gold tells them that Dib's father recommend him since he did do something unethical and betray the team's trust (The Multi-Universal War of Destiny). Though his friends from his team understand his reasons, when they continue to talk about magic, he believes it's absolutely ridiculous that Disney characters can have magic even if they don't use it or even learn it. He meets Dr. Strange afterwards and alongside Twilight, Picard, Makoto, Suede, Jack Bauer, Anti Cosmo and Dr. Manhattan find out Blue is here too and they tell him and Aleu that Discord is helping to their displeasure. He explains he hasn't forgotten anything Discord has done and that he won't do anything after what Bender did to Discord last time he fucked with him. In addition he annoyed at Blue with Dr. Manhattan regarding Twilight Sparkle. He meets the Multi-Universal Resistance and tells them if they are ready, with Dan being in disbelief but he shuts him up with a badass boast

He discovers exactly who he's up against and learns BlackGarurumon is after him as well as Blue for how much he screws things up for villains. Meeting back with the Miracle Elite, he learns of Tuxedo Lovelace's gone and allies with Zick, Raizel and Stacy and tells Batman about Dib being gone and why he is the only one of the group present. He is assured by Picard that his kid will be safe and when Zick states it's a bit ridiculous to use a car, he believes driving is fun. In the mountains he tells the crew, not to make noises or do something to start a volcano, He also tells the others his metal is undetectable and unable to be controlled since he was sick of being padded down at the airport which Phineas tells everyone when he, Skipper, Phineas, Heloise and Isabella were going to Florida and he had trouble with the security so he distracted them with the hula while dressing in drag then he hopes Osama Bin Laden doesn't know show tunes. Bender heads with Skipper, Heloise, Phineas, Isabella, Suede, Zick, Sora, Discord and Mr. Gold to go after their treasure. He and Skipper sing Moving Right Along while heading off and he grudgingly agrees with Discord regarding Isabella and her mutation. Bender with Heloise, Phineas, Skipper and Isabella call up Dr. Strange and tell them what happened with the base and he describes the attacker as an enraged Predacon.

Said enraged attacker attacks him accusing the bot of eliminating his brethren/species, after climbing the mountain with Skipper, Heloise, Phineas, Isabella and Suede. Discord and Bender both do what they get to keep the Predacon from hurting them by Discord holding it back and using a Sphereboom to slow the Predacon down which is all accounts a doomsday device merged with weaponry that he, Skipper, Slade and Anti Cosmo copied years ago with Starscream. Jean Grey saves them, and afterwards, Old Ben thinks it's funny and outright ridiculous of how he could do that feat. He and the others are told by Death about the events that transpired regarding White Wolf. He and the crew get to the mountain where Braniac and Frollo try to assimilate or kill them, the others get into a flying Star Wars-like vehicle, breaking the barrier to keep them stuck and get the treasure piece before escaping

Kid and Slade get him on the ship and tell them that his daughter helped save them. They have White Wolf as a hostage and he threatens to blow her brains if she doesn't listen to Jack. When she doesn't he has Heloise off her before having Sora set the co-ordinates. He returns and merges the piece he has with Blue and Strange giving a clue before asking about the transporters and going to see Gold at his pawnshop.

Old Bender learns about the third transporter being down and suggests a way to fix it which Strange doesn't think of. He and his allies go to the magic island on request of Chun-Li as they more about magic than anyone, when he states science is able to counter magic, Heloise is the only one who really is a scientist. He is in deep thought from what Phineas said, and he's thinking whether or not he wants his friends or Skipper's crew to come back. Discord and Bender after the call begin showing suspicion regarding Blue and suspect he'll do something that costs them dearly. They make their way to their own island while the acceleration of their vehicle goes through the roof which has them holding on for dear life which Jean Grey manages to control eventually. Dr.Strange and Bender both contact each other of Aleu's disappearance and they decide to investigate with two operatives from both sides. He reaches the island where they must go through to the forest to a train, Bender equips himself with a gun despite Picard and Twilight's insistence not to though Stan, Wendy and Zick agree him. On the train, he breaks a world record of most drinks drunk in a hour before he breaks into song with Phineas and Skipper. When Rasuptin's demons attack the carts, Bender rallies the others out while Jack Frost and Will try to split the carts. After that he meets Jaeris and Zhuge Liang and joins with them to find the temple on the island that can help them find the sea temple.He and the others made their way to the temple when Predaking tries to kill him again, This is quite a challenge since it got wise to his doomsday device. Until Jesu Otaku throws some kind of weapon which he uses to slash Predaking's chest before escaping.Bender with the help of Jaeris and Zhuge reach the temple where they explain the sea temple and it's movements and gets him to ask if a temple constantly moves without a motor it's not like the temple is so light that anything can move it and begins to believe there is a invisible propeller. He and his friends leave the temple to find GBF trying to take their Apple of Eden. So all 10 of them take them and get them. When Jesse shows up and gets them all out of the situation aware of both Bender and Slade, he also has the Valentine bros, Harkon and Jerry attack the 10 which they do brush off if with difficulty. Afterwards they meet with their friends and they go to the hospital where he wonders about Jesse and Gold’s sweet heart Belle can help by taking him and his friends to the Storybrooke Library 

Bender begins taking research on Vampires, Cults and Relgion and when Skipper and Twilight read to them Whitechapel’s history they figure out Jesse was highly involved in it. When they get back, he, Phineas and Skipper begin working on their plan to get Sunil out of trouble with ghosts. To Bender’s shock, it’s his old friends and I mean old Casper and Wendy who he hasn’t seen in a long time who have been looking for him. He asks to help Strange and Blue, but the former tells to him escape when Hotaru and Neyla decide to arrest the group. However he has his own trouble as SOPA Agents are after them and they do manage to escape only for Soran to force them to bring Jaeris he shoots the ship down, Afterwards they re-meet Kratos who decides to join forces with them. He and the others take one of those long walks on the island they crash on before wanting to buy beer with Skipper, Death The Kid and Discord. Afterwards he meets Crugger and some of Crugger's friends.

He is seen on the phone with Strange who tells Him all about Blue’s betrayal which he Is not taken surprise by. Afterwards he hangs up the phone and informs them about the current position.Bender decides with Cruger to chase down any BlackGarurumon member for doing what they tired to do with them. He informs the group that  the second disco ball is located on one of the rides and join up with Yasha who noticed. Bender, Slade and the rest go after the disco ball and destroy which Anarky uses as a trap where they decide to use him and the group as gifts to BlackGarurumon, Heloise of course angered shoots at them which has Paul go for execution and gloats about his species being hunted into extinction deciding to kill the mercenary with his own hands next time he sees him. When BlackMetalGreymon decides to finish the job, Stardash and Manhattan save them and Bender knowing what it's like to lose a kid that's yours tried to dissuade her from helping due to what happened last time. When they all race to save the others, he murders Mooch in cold blood for gloating, and then swears revenge on the Children.

Bender and Discord are both called up by Jesse who gives the identify of the Jack White Act trying to recruit Bender into helping him with his  plans on valid grounds of robot rights. Bender refuses to help him and to his surprise Jesse isn't angry in that the vampire tells him that the person behind it is someone they need to figure out. He discusses with his friends his plan to destroy the internment camp in Ponyvile with a a laser on the moon which he called "A Death Star". He calls the project "The Alans Parsons Project" before engaging in squabbles with Discord and Skipper. After that he and Discord both begin discussing their plan against the Children of BlackGarurumon. He agrees not to let personal feelings get in the way with Suede, Skipper and Jack while meeting Buffy.

He learns that the Joker was responsible for the Jack White act which persecuted robots above all species, Joker made him the number 1 threat to humanity and put billions of dollars on his head. It was also revealed that The Joker decided if Bender was to kill in Legends of Light and Darkness, Joker would take him and all robots down with him with the Jack White Act that hunts threats of non humanity into extinction. The Joker was also responsible for the death of his son in Legends of Light and Darkness and taunted him over getting loved ones involved in his wars, Joker killed his kid and toyed with him by sending piece by piece to him. He almost caused him to commit suicide and this action haunted him. When Marceline and Bender learned about Discord she warned him about getting Dib and the others involved as this would be happen again and she doesn't want to see him in the broken condition he was back then. The Joker also revealed that he is Bender's father and that he went so far to abandon his other son so he could take revenge on him which as always the plan every time he showed up and taunts him about being responsible for Bubbles losing her sisters. Bender was so enraged at this he went into a tirade which was as followed

"I kill him unlike everyone else because everyone else  Blindly, stupidly disregards the entire graveyards he's filled, the billions who have suffered because of him, the friends he's crippled, scared, tortured and out righted murdered I have stopped at nothing to find that clown every time he returned and kill that pathetic pile of death-worshiping garbage for good. He is only one man and has no powers, but the amount of damage he has done, the amounts of people he made suffer is so goddamn high that no one has killed, tortured or ruined as many lives as him. And he does not do this for domination, he does it because he find it fun and treats it like a game. Good Guys are scared and even the bad guys would distance themselves from him, because he will betray, lie to and/or kill them for his own amusement." After that he and the team leave for their castle as Jesse tells them directions and warns him that he's being tracked. Bender with Skipper, Suede, Jack Bauer and Heloise find the pieces of their next treasure which ends up being a trap where he and Discord put their plan into effect which involves acting as traitors. Bender and Discord get Suede and Jack Bauer out to help him and Bender puts his plan which involves him  poisoning the Children of BlackGarurumon which succeeds and he kills many members and destroys the armies. He threatens if they come have him he will make them pay and has the other members get them out. After returning to the cast and Dr.Strange, they begin planning their move against The Sinisters of Evil and Jesse's allies while knowing that Isabella is doing her own thing. He and Dr. Strange seeing an entrance walk in and take Sinister who gives them trouble and they do manage to get him and then they get to the others and see Anna and Protoman pull a sacrifice to stop the curse. Bender and Dr.Strange confront Blue on his actions who points that the world is a cruel place and that they were fools to think they could be good men, he tells Blue that he should take revenge on those responsible which mean him and Strange, Blue agrees and does them both, though Bender tackles him saving Strange and put Blue in a possible death After, he follows the others to Neverland and meets Pan. Pan reveals he knows who they are and Bender learns that Lizbeth, Boomer and Maka all knew Pan before and also that Joker actually has had many Harley Quinns before Bubbles' mother and Joker killed all of them and placed them in the cell he was in. He and the team escape thanks to Discord and Isabella finding and saving him.

He and team arrive at the Courage Kingdom and they begin planning their next move where they go for an interrogation on Captain Hook about Sinister's whereabouts. Though he has no idea and then they make more discoveries in that Joker actually keep returning due to the magic of never land before splitting up. He also takes his daughter being a tricky bitch and aging herself up well considering he would do it. Bender tags with the rest of the B Team to investigate though the Children of BlackGarurumon decide to lock them in the pyramids forever as they are higher up on the threat than Blue. They end up meeting the zombie teens and join forces with them to find the Azoth and the Lucifricator as the voice Jean Grey is hearing tells them they need to find it. Bender and the others find the Aztec where Bender, Skipper, Phineas and Isabella decide to go do it though Heloise wants to come along and they allow Suede, Jack Heloise and Kid help. They find Sari who reveals that she never had intentions to kill them and wants to stop them from stopping them. They though get thrown even further into the pyramids by Albert Wesker who stills need them for his and Loki's plan. Sora in the deeper parts of the pyramids see something lines of a different language detailing to past events which gets them in trouble with their enemy before they go after Dukat. Bender thinks Peter Pan is insane and learns from Gold that Pan killed quite of a few of his friends he hates Pan to the degree that he made a song of how much he hates Pan. He runs into Jesse who wants to talk and they end striking an alliance. Bender checks in the hospital with the others and he, Skipper and Suede with Jesse check on Jack who was interrogating Buford on Dukat's plans. He calls up Isabella and Cadence to report the laser is read then Everyone joins up and destroys the Internment camp, burning it to the ground with "Another Brick in the Wall" while killing any army remaining.

Mr. Gold senses some kind of magic and gets Bender, Skipper, Heloise, Phineas, Isabella, Suede, Jack Bauer, Slade, Anti Cosmo, Discord, Gohan, Twilight, Castiel, Casper, Kid and Makoto over there and tells them it's resurrection magic which does bring people back temporarily but the price is the come back wrong and/or lose their memories and they must be recovered. As they all discuss Peter Pan enters the room and toys with them in that he will find Maka, Lizbeth, Boomer, Knuckles and Crona take them to Neverland and torture them until they arrive and then kill them in front of them. That can be anywhere, with the waters of Neverland all over,  Pan can be all powerful anywhere, Bender calls Pan on not doing it immediately who admits he's just fucking with them while insulting and taunting Mr. Gold. Bender arrives at Springfield and meets his friends and he, Skipper, Suede, Heloise and Jesse are attacked by Jack White activists before he and the others see Marceline who reveals she knows Jack called her and the others and tells him how will he tell Dib about Discord and Stardash. Bender and the others plan how to take out the invasion where he joins with Skipper, Stardash, Suede, Black Star, Suki, Connor, Bart, Gohan, Jaeris, Knuckles, Sarah, Wendy and Sora to head to the Kwie E Mart  not before singing War with Black Star, Slade and Castiel. After this they all stop a dolphin and alien invasion led by Sari who they kill with dignity after hearing her out, Sari makes Bender promise not to reveal to anyone what happened with her. Bender, Suede, Skipper, Isabella and Wendy are the ones present at the grave which has Boomer, Lizbeth, Nina, Hunson and Clemont there questioning how they got here. Afterwards he returns to his ship and Starfire pays him a visit and they all surprised to hear she is fine with Stardash's choices, then Dib and everyone else arrive and Bender and Skipper stop Darkwing from trying to attack Slade and Anti Cosmo who he believes are still evil.

Bender, Skipper, Heloise, Phineas, Isabella, Suede, Jack Bauer, Makoto, Gohan, Sora, Connor, Discord, Dixie, Bart, Gonner, Stardash and Colonel Stars and Stripes all go wandering in their cavern. With a ocarina in hands which they need to use to open their door and find out the chosen one regarding the niburu which Isabella plays to the tune of the Lugia Song. He and Castiel agree to chase down BlackGarurumon and they decide to kill every ally he has including the gods themselves. He makes good on this threat with his friends, as he participates in many fights. He helps Skipper, Heloise, Phineas, Isabella, Suede and Qui-Gon in taking down Darth Nihilus and killing him with Discord's help. When the V Crusaders saw Titan in Never land this got him up in arms suspecting the impossible which he considers ridiculous. Then he and Jesse work together and kill Paul Mcdagett and proves he meant good on god killing when with heaven guns, He alongside Skipper, Suede, Discord and Jack kill the god of time Cronus and then he works with Slade, Castiel, Black Star, Kratos and Anti Cosmo and does likewise to Wesker though it was far more difficult. Then he and the others do BlackGarurumon and Bender personally kills the Digimon by crushing his skull after using an prison assassination method on him saying that "You Should have left me alone!" Then they end up having to deal with Entity which is a hybrid of monster and of his worse nemesis. This proves to be the most difficult feat possible as it takes a very long time to stop it and Bender nearly kills himself to prevent the Niburu from destroying the Multi-Universe by throwing it to Equestria to blow up. However he is saved by Discord who brings up to the higher place of existence and they have a brief talk about what awaits to Discord it's not adventure and war it's exploring the possibilities. Bender and Discord then both see Isabella too who greatly changed thanks to her own efforts and she takes Bender down from that higher place of existence to reunite him with the others only for them all to leave. However Black Star and Death The Kid stay by him for the time being and they end seeing what became of Celestia meaning that can one last wish and Isabella decides to get it since she do so much for them and Bender believes she's crazy when she wishes to eliminate every evil that ever attempts to go after them, Slade or Cas since the words that Lizbeth, Maka and Boomer said got to them. He coincides though and they realize it's all over and that's it's time to live life instead of fighting wars and it ends with We'll Meet Again.

The Alternate Ending to LOTM: Next Gen Island Tour

In the alternate ending planned, Bender would find himself in an alternate timeline with Dib and the others alive which he thinks is just himself until as they shouldn't be alive and apart. Dib, Bubbles, Lizbeth, Milo and Boomer all tell him that he is not dreaming. He points that Darkwing shouldn't be alive and that he's Darkwarrior Duck, as well as Gosalyn and Edd were killed by Discord. Nina points out they didn't fight a Discord before. After he leaves, Gosalyn talks to herself about how crazy Bender sounds through Isabella hears it and knows He remembers what happened. Bender finds Discord and turns out he remembers too, the two want to find out how things went. Hudson then drops off Marceline and to the shock of both Discord and Bender, Marceline is actually married to Bender. Discord wanting to know how that happened, Marceline takes the two to a secret lab where she tells that instead of Darkwing dying that time, It was Starfire who died and that Dexter was using his science and DNA to attempt to resurrect Starfire but make her something different. It is further revealed that Marceline and Starfire agreed that if the latter was to die, Marceline should take her place. That night, Isabella finds Bender and Discord and tells them about the alternate timeline and that the three of them do remember. The robot wonders if he should tell Dib, Isabella disagrees and tells him that with them living normal lives after the big bad god/machine hybrid was defeated that was when, and since Discord is with Bender and Her that means he could never has done what he did before hand. The three agree but she does encourage him to write a fantasy novel series on their adventures.


During Acts 2, 3,4 and 6 of the above story, he, Death, the B Team, Slade, Anti Cosmo, Mr. Gold and Discord show up with Black Star in his fight against the Templar Order. The main characters there are him, Skipper, Heloise, Phineas, Isabella, Suede, Jack Bauer, Twilight Sparkle, Gohan, Slade, Anti Cosmo, Discord, Mr. Gold, Death The Kid, Zick, Jesu Otaku, Sora, Princess Anna and Makoto.

He also meets his newest arch-enemy Anarky alongside the Terrorist Unit here and continues to fight him in LOTM: Next Gen Island Tour. Black Star questions him on how he found out about it and Black Star being involved and he answers that it was Mr.Gold who told him and the other teams about it. He also meets new friends in Knuckles the Echidna, Suki, Connor, Sarah and Major Kiruahe.

Future Warfare

Bender will be a dueteragonist in Future Warfare along with Jonathan Irons. He and the B team teams up with Mr. Irons and Atlas Corporation to fight a new powerful new enemy: Zaheer. It'll be their first fight against an enemy in nearly 60 years.

He and Slade both end coming from the past as some kind of message comes from the future send by an unknown party. He gets his when he and his friends are watching the last starry night before winter and the message comes in form of a comet which they analyze and learn that Slade had this happen to him too so the two parties find out what went on through their science work and decide  they must travel to the future to ensure this doesn't happen in their future which Slade finds a way for the team to do just that.

After they arrive in 2071, Bender and the main members of the B Team were brought to Atlas HQ to meet with Irons and to team up with his company in order to stop the Red Lotus and KVA.


Bender returns with the rest of the heroes to serve as one of the main characters with his friends Skipper, Phineas, Isabella, Jimmy Neutron, Lydia, Slade, Anti Cosmo and Discord as well as Django, Finn, Julian, Marceline and Jorgen all returning to help, as well as new friends in Rick and Morty, Star, The Paynes and others. Bender's past self will also appearing in the story though he can only find him at certain times. He serves as one of the 3 main protagonists of the finale.

He and his friends are very much Time Fugitives since Darkwarrior Duck is very angry with them as it feels to him that the robot does what ever the fuck he wants, and screws up history and No One ever calls him out on his many crimes or tries to imprison him. He also has the Network Head after him and his friends on top of that.

At the beginning of the adventure, he and Jorgen were attacked and captured by Eobard Thawne as the first two of Thawne's collective plans to take revenge on the team. Skipper rescues the two and they make a getaway, though his nemesis The Joker shows up. He takes up arms against him with his friends and then is brought in to face Eobard Thawne. He allows Lydia to work with him and his team, then after a big ball of violence with Rick, he joins too so they can get all the help they need. After meeting with Rick, The Two and Skipper get drunk and Bender reveals that he is pissed about having to adventure again due to how repetitive it is though when Julian comes to the bar. Julian manages to relight up him and Skipper's passion with a rather drunk night. The Next Day, With them sobering Bender decides to get back to Slade since He called when Bender got loaded with Rick, Julian and Skipper. He alongside Skipper, Starfire and Lydia call up Slade and Anti Cosmo where the two groups discuss what way to best approach their upcoming feud against Eobard Thawne and the legion.

He and his friends end up waiting a long time for Rick to finish working on a time machine and out of boredom, Julian annoys Skipper and Jorgen with popping noises which makes him laugh. After Rick finishes, he gets Starfire and the others and takes the time machine back to when he had his first adventure. Bender sets out to find his past self in this timeline and leaves Rick and Discord in charge while He, Skipper, Starfire, Jorgen, Phineas, Isabella and Marceline all go looking for him and Bender brings a neutralizer he stole from the Men In Black Universe. The Six of them all stake out and encounter Bender's past self after getting into an argument, the two Benders decide to work together in their situation with Bender calling his past self Titantius Anglesmith not without trying to steal each other's wallet. After some walking and settling down with a fire, Bender and the others are ambushed by Deathstroke who comes alone and after some chit chat, Bender with Skipper and Jorgen fight him without any powers and only weaponry and it goes to a stalemate with Deathstroke escaping proud that Bender lived up to what Deathstroke expected. He and the others manage to defy the plane and alongside Starfire and Skipper gets into communication with Rick about each of their circumstances promising to get back to each other. Bender and the team return with his past self, only to be ambushed and he gets arrested alongside Rick, Morty and Marceline and thrown in jail. The Four escape with the help of Grovyle who leads the 4 to the Waverider to meet Rip Hunter and get Slade involved once he got away.

Bender becomes acquainted with the Legends and is told of what is transpiring by Hunter. However He find himself once again fighting The Joker and comes very close to killing him after learning what he did to The Teen Titans. Jorgen though comes through and brings him back to the others with Rip, He explains where he was before he plans with Skipper to ensure the collection of the magic they need to power the amulet/compass they're creating.

Bender and Skipper both go off on their own to find their magic source which gets them into quite some trouble starting with a defective clone and King Shark attacking them. While the duo is successful, they lose their car. They find in it the Thug Tug and get in more trouble before they manage to weasel their way out through being beaten senseless. After retrieving it, they are chased by Time Wraiths and they lose them, but they are sent flying and end up dealing with Blackout again this time with Tar Pit who really put the two on the tail while they'll do win. The Atom Smasher and Nimbus show up to outnumber them 4 to 2, Only for Mick and Amaya to sent be on Rip's Orders to help them eventually the 4 win but before Bender and Skipper can get back to them. Dennis finally catches up with them stating that Dennis was sent to kill Bender and Skipper while engaging in banter a bit, before trapping the two with a made trap and then Dennis gets his spiked up shoes to squash their insides while cackling like crazy when a boot his Dennis.

It Turns that it was Atari who rescued Bender and Skipper and tells the two to come with him. Skipper gets Mick and Amaya and they travel with Attauri. It turns out Phineas and Isabella went after them and found Attari, Star and Marco in Virtucon. All of them are trying to find Axel in Virtucon/Vegas, so they all join forces and splits up in two teams with Bender, Skipper, Star and Marco in one and Mick, Phineas, Amaya and Isabella in the other with Attauri as mission control.Deciding to go gambling to get some relaxation, Bender goes with Skipper, Star and Marco where they run into Number 2 who is gambling after playing some poker with him. The 4 are chased by Tiger Claw, and Malcolm Merlyn who Deathstroke sent after them while he makes his way to Bender and co to stall. Bender and Skipper fight Tiger Claw while Star and Marco take on Malcolm. While they outnumber Tigerclaw, they fight him to a stalemate and eventually when they strike him down, Tigerclaw marvels at their skill despite how unusual they are proving Deathstroke right. Bender, Skipper and Star get Marco out of the way who was taken down by Malcolm. While they keep an eye on Marco, Bender tells Mick, Amaya, Phineas and Isabella to find Axel while they lay low only for Deathstroke to appear right there on  The four,

Shocked at how Deathstroke found them, Bender engages in more discussion with Deathstroke,where Deathstroke tries to get the group's stuff for the amulet and decides to clash with Marco and him. Deathstroke does win against them, but Star and Skipper keep it out of his hands by using trickery while getting away. Bender meets back up with Phineas and Isabella who did find Axel, who was frozen in Virtcuon's top floor who they freed with Mick burning it while Amaya found herself attacked by Guzma and Mark Mardon, with Attauri joining in as he prevents Guzma from stopping Mick from defrosting Axel. He Learns that Deathstroke knew he was coming for Axel, after some briefing to Axel about their situation, Axel joins the group and he leads them to the source of Disney Magic power,

They manage to find it But Thawne, Joker, Toffee, Darkwarrior Duck and Taurus Bulba who also have been looking for it found at the same time. Thankfully Slade and his team find them and a brawl commences. Bender takes on Joker obviously due to his hatred for him and what he did to Starfire and find himself in more trouble when Toffee uses the opportunity to bring NOS-4-A2 and Mandarin out of the forgotten vessel and NOS-4-A2 tries to make a meal of Bender he is saved by Slade and Harry Wells. Afterwards, both sides manage to acquire some magic of their own thanks to Darkwarrior and Joker using NOS-4-A2 ambushing him to their edge.

Bender, Skipper, Slade, Anti Cosmo, Phineas, Isabella, Harry Wells, Star, Marco, Mick, Attauri, Amaya, Celes, Hades and Tombstone all meet back up in Slade's old lair and Bender wants to learn about the Disney magic. Skipper and him do some research when they bump into Lydia, they ask her what the hell is she doing. When they learn she's hiding from Deathstroke and trying to discover Disney Magic they all look together when Dennis arrives yet again intent on killing them plus Lydia. The three run from him only for Dennis to trap them on The Jolly Roger forcing the trio to work together to outwit and fight Dennis which results in him getting eaten by the crocodile. Bruised he returns and they all work to encript the code, but learn it will take the help of a Netherlander to encrypt it

Remembering his friend Scorpion, Bender plans to take the team further to when he first met him and Subzero. Bender recovers and see that Skipper, Starfire, Jorgen and Jimmy are still with him  gets communication from Phineas, Twilight, Discord and Antauri about their strandness. They decide to make due with what they have. Jimmy holds up the amulet and knows that they are on the Netherlands path, when Jorgen asks how he knows that, Jimmy points out that back when they traveled here, Axel did tell the crew that Scorpion came from the Netherlands and considering how the multiverse changed up, It's the most considerable thing to do. While Jorgen and Jimmy are basically discussing this, Bender, Starfire and Skipper basically went ahead without them having them ask to wait up. Back with the five, Skipper took something before getting blown down by Uka Uka and it turns he took an entire artillery of helpful tools. Starfire and Bender both surprised at this ask Skipper how did he get all that in one sitting,

Eventually they get to the netherlands and the five find Scorpion. Scorpion knows who they are since he was told by Axel earlier and asks what is their purpose. Jimmy tells Scorpion that they have something for him to read and hands them the amulet.

Scorpion reads the amulet and translates that it leads to an ancient relic of the past with massive effect. This surprises them, and that's when Deathstroke and his allies show up as Scudsworth and Welton report this to Deathstroke. Bender, Skipper, Scorpion, Starfire, Jorgen and Jimmy are feel surrounded by the group. This is when Deathstroke shows up with the intention to acquiring the amulet which all they refuse to give to him with Scorpion ready to clash with Deathstroke. Deathstroke without flinching sends his henchman after them to over whelm them when he gets Bender and Skipper to both face him

Skipper and Bender are give blades by Scorpion and charge at Deathstroke who clash them 2 on 1 and like Tigerclaw it's very even matched and dangerous as both are doing so over lava. Deathstroke defiantly isn't holding down while Bender and Skipper are using their team work to keep up with his swift speed. Eventually, Bender gets his own blade and knocks Deathstroke off his feet and Skipper then chops Deathstroke on the chest and Deathstroke throws Skipper at Bender. The two get back up and Bender decides to screw it and blast Deathstroke with a gun, Skipper then uses the stall to attack him, nearly knocking him into the lava. Skipper and Bender then both pin Deathstroke down which impresses him and admits they're now 1-1 and tells the team to get them later. Scorpion joins the 5 on pretenses of wanting to find what the amulet was referring and head to a graveyard and through digging they find what it happens to be. The Spear of Destiny which Scorpion refers them to when Dr.Alchemy shows with all Earth 2 Metahumans and all attack the group. Scorpion, Bender, Skipper, Starfire, Jorgen and Jimmy all manage to defeat them, Skipper and Bender are both tasered in place by Scott who arrives, wanting to take matters in his hand and then Dr.Alchemy leaves with him. Alchemy leaves more metahumans for the other 4 to fight.

Bender and Skipper are brought to their cell and they wonder who managed to find them and it's revealed it was Dennis to their fear. They see Rick is there too and Rick reveals that he was basically arrested alongside some of Joker's men. The three wonder why them specifically when Scott personally confronts them and says how he finally got Bender once and for all. Bender questions him and Scott reveals that he is avenging his family's death at Bender's hands and that he holds him responsible for this. Bender scoffs him for this, as he has never met him before when Scott snaps and says he will have him and his little penguin dead too at the hands of his killer/warden and him for this. As the three comment on how nuts he is, This is when Deathstroke appears in front of their cell and banters with the three about Scott and Alchemy. Deathstroke and Bender both take a pot shot at Joker being stupid to hire a hitman, Skipper and Rick question if he is to save Joker's team which he denies. Before leaving, Deathstroke says if he really wants to escape, Try inciting a jail break and warns of them of Alchemy since Deathstroke learned who Alchemy was.

While Bender, Skipper and Rick keep their eyes out for Dennis, This is when they meet Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, Thea Queen, Laurel Lance and Diggle who were also locked up themselves by Alchemy though they were stolen from Darhk of Thawne's legion. Bender and Skipper question them of why they were locked up and Oliver stated because of vilgantism. Rick questions why and Thea points out that apparently this guy that locked them up is nuts and considers almost anything a crime which Skipper compares to Darkwarrior.

Bender and Skipper are both brought to a personal room where Dennis is waiting and he approaches them intending to kill them and goes so far to tie down them both down on a table. Bender angrliy points out why both him and Skipper when Joker and Scott both wanted him dead mainly.  Dennis whiles looking through his tools states that they see the bird as just as much as a threat as Bender and that Alchemy had a bone with both of them, though he does say a little too much when he says a certain word.

Bender ponders who it could be, as Dennis prepares their doom with an impalement while also having a cannon, a cross bow, an anvil, and an axe ready to kill them. Unlike last time, the two try to think quick to avoid their overkill death when Skipper uses his beak to pick at the locks and then does for Bender. Dennis smacks Skipper and Bender  hard  and begins to chase them. Bender shoots a door open and Alchemy is waiting for him and Skipper. Alchemy isn't suprised about Bender and Skipper's escape from Dennis's death traps and this is when Skipper pressures on who is Alchemy, since he really wonders what grudge does Alchemy hold on him and Bender.

Alchemy decides to reveal who Alchemy is and takes off the mask and it is revealed to be Bender and Skipper's ally from Legends of Light and Darkness Marie. Bender is shocked and angry to find out she betrayed them. Marie states that they betrayed her, when she was locked in prison, none of them came to help her or bail her out, and that they took away what made her special. This retort is countered in that Bender say that she sold out her boyfriend for the sake of criminal action, and that she deserved it. Marie says that's exactly why and then she was apporached by a figure who promised her beauty, age and powers back to work for him. She was restored of her abilities and was released thanks to mapulations and her benefactor told her to kill Phantom R to become keep her gain and she did wanting revenge.

This was when she found Scott, who had a similar grudge and that she offered her services to him and that was when she became Alchemy, and that she got the dark costume and the voice modulator to hide her voice from them. She also states that Scott is why Bender is stuck in the time he's in when he send I.S.R.A.E.L to erase the Futurama universe and kill his friends from that universe to achieve vengeance. Dennis then shows up again to off them with bombs when Deathstroke actually attacks Dennis giving the two to escape. Marie calls security on them and this is when they reunite with Rick and Team Arrow and plow through the guards and meet back with the rest of the team

Bender tells them about Marie being Dr.Alchemy and her betrayal when Lydia states she knew she herself was ambushed by Alchemy and Dennis. This is when Ford tells the team of Thawne's location where Bender goes immediately wanting to end this. He does damn well until Thawne goes after him and his old friends and reveals their history.

Thawne it turned out was an opponent of Bender and his pals during Future Warfare wearing a different face and once they defeated him and sealed him off. Thawne swore revenge on Bender and the team and it was revealed that Thawne actually murdered his old associates, Boomer, Lizbeth and Nina as well as many of his friends in vengeance and then screwed up the timeline behind the scenes to further drive the nail in, his actions including driving Sari Sumdac to evil, Screwing with the canon couples of some of his team mates, Dib and Bubbles's death and more. Bender furious tries  to kill Thawne for this, more angry than Joker ever made him. Hunson, Starfire and Marceline both keep him from getting to out of control and tell him that what Thawne did was horrible, but once they get the spear they can reserve this. He agrees though silently slaughters though more henchmen in his fury angry at how Scott and Thawne both screwed him out of his life. It gets worse when he loses the amulet in a black hole thanks to Toffee and when Suede, Julian and Colress are all killed.

Determined to see Thawne pay, Bender decides to get Rip's help in finding more spear parts and that he is going to fix central parts of Thawne's screwing of time. While Amanda and Ford go looking for Lydia, He and his dwindling team decide to split their duties. With him going after the spear part Vilgax and his team are looking for while doing what he can to interact with Sari's past self to keep her from doing anything she would do later. He and his team come back from that getting back with the remains when Thawne attacks them and nearly kills them. Thankfully they're saved and that's when Bender and co meet Lincolin Loud and his sisters who Lydia was hanging with while trying to get back. Learning about each one of them, Bender strikes a close friendship with Luan and they both plot to get even with Joker.

Luan and Bender both trap Joker and subject him to Luan's prank Acolpayse to humiliate and scare him which manages to work big time. He and the crew continue to fix more problems or try to while spear hunting, until after assembling it. This is when Amanda get kidnapped by Thawne and turned evil. Bender and co get a message from someone to find a way to dampen the Spear's effects should the Legion get it and to spear him and a few the worst of the spear. Before He joins the fray against the legion, Bender goes with Skipper and Rick to find what seems to be the Utopia Rings formed from their war against the Dystopia League and then go on their own terms where they fight many of the legion members mainly Deathstroke who Bender has crossed in every timeline once. Before they can, Thawne gets the Spear and the legion change the multiverse

Thankfully Bender is not taken out thanks to his rings and neither is Skipper, Rick, Lydia, Marcus,  Twilight, Cleo someone who Lydia meet earlier, or Lincolin and his sisters. This is when he receives a message to meet someone at a bar and it turns out that it's Deathstroke. Hostile initially, Bender and his friends  join forces with Deathstroke and his rogue team to kill Eobard Thawne and the rest of the legion. Slade, Anti Cosmo, Harry Wells, Barry Allen, Shadow and Nasesala join them as well as Ra's Al Ghul and Gus Fring also want Thawne down. All United to taking down Thawne, they storm the legion and Bender with Skipper, Rick, Lydia, Deathstroke, Slade, Anti Cosmo, Harry Wells and Barry Allen all fight Thawne and Amanda who is protecting him to get the spear in a long battle. After they finally defeat him, Deathstroke leads him and the others to the Spear and reveals what became of the rest of his friends. Bender takes the trophies of his team to restore them while his friends take the spear. Before this they are ambushed yet again by the real foe they're against and all hell breaks loose.

Bender and his friends are nearly killed by Toffee and Bill Cipher but is saved by Alternate Doof, Bruce and Selina and they all escape. Bender begins thinking how to defeat him and the cult through his friends suggest to hide out in a base and Alt Doof, Lydia and Slade suggest some locations though Bill Cipher already ravaged them. Bender calls out Lydia for not telling them from Bill Cipher and that she should have mentoned this though he admits he may have been harsh on her.  When Hunson tells them that Mewni might be a good choice as does Deathstroke who remembers his attack on there.

Bender makes a plan to have him, Skipper, Twilight, Slade, Anti Cosmo, Deathstroke and his followers, Shadow, Luan Loud, Luna Loud, Lynn Loud and Lola Loud, Hunson, Alt Doof and Discord go to Mewni and get help from Moon, Once they arrive, He and them defend Deathstroke's team and they have sided with them and Toffee is a concern.

They are told that they might need to find some way to destory Toffee. He and the other point out that he regenerates his wounds too fast for them to kill. Discord and Twilight suggest to use the full capacity of the Mewni Kingdom's Wand which Deathstroke still has and as he kept it for his group to use. Despite this he tells Luan and Skipper he is unsure of this being a true success.

This is when An attack on Mewni is made and the whole team groups together to defend the kingdom with Bender goes personally after Joker's old followers while trying to gun for Marie out of revenge for betraying them. Bender does get a lot of people killed and does get a lot done, but when he and the others get back to Moon, Toffee has already killed her and destroyed the magic commission. They mourn for Star's mother and Bender is bothered by how ahead both Bill Cipher and Toffee are in regards to them. He points out the spear won't do anything to the two since Bill is too Powerful upon to be killed by it, and Toffee might just plan this. Upon this is when Toffee calls the team and threatens them to give him the spear or he will lose Starfire and Marceline and gives Lydia the ultimatum over this.

Bender, Skipper, Marcus and Lydia all about this in secret and prepare to make the way to counter The two. Bender and Skipper decide to fight Toffee so Lydia can find Bill, When Lydia and Marcus question this, He explains that Toffee can take a lot but so can they and that he and Skipper will stall Toffee. He does admit Toffee may know this,

When the Cult of Cipher engages in a showdown with the resisistance Deathstroke uses the time to get the castle for him, Skipper and Deathstroke to confront Toffee. Toffee aproaches the three and engages in a very long battle with Toffee where The trio use magic cuffs to prevent Toffee's magic from being too powerful on them. It works for a while since Toffee catches this and then smacks the cuffs out of their hands and Toffee prepares to use a magic saber on them which the three fight him hand to hand

Toffee manages to defeat them and bury all three of them, while he goes to find and kill Lydia for the spear knowing she has it, He manages to eventually get himself out and goes with Skipper and Deathstroke to chase Toffee. Bill Cipher however tries to intercept the three so he can have Toffee get Lydia who is on the run with Marcus from him.  Deathstroke manages to get Toffee from attacking Lydia and Marcus and they fight Toffee once again

Bender eventually uses a super weapon in conjunction with Skipper and Deathstroke to harm Toffee severly turning into a goo person of his self and Toffee meances them and tells them that they don't make the plans and that he is the only one who does this, when he is smashed by pillars by Heloise, Slade and Anti Cosmo who Heloise tells that Toffee is turned out to be dead. Bender, Skipper and the others  then go looking for Marcus and Lydia.

Bender, Skipper and Deathstroke eventually find Lydia and Marcus who have Ford Pines with them and they manage to hold off Cipher's friends but are caught by Bill who has been fighting long with the two. Bill threatens to kill him and his friends if Lydia doesn't give him the spear, Ford makes a deal with Bill Cipher to save Lydia, Marcus, Bender and the others by letting Bill possess him. Bill Cipher enters Ford's mind to possess all the info on the Spear of Destiny and then this is when Bender and Skipper place Lydia and Marcus in Ford's mind too.

When the two defeat Bill, Ford nearly loses his mind but Bender and the others restore his memory. So Bender, Skipper, Lydia, Marcus, Ford Pines and Deathstroke all begin trying to figure out how to change the multiverse and he decides that Lydia should use it and she eventually does. Bender and the others all remember their adventures and their friends are now alive, though Bender decides to just go with all his friends to Aruba and take things easy

Main Relationships


He is Dib's best friend and sidekick, Like said he is very loyal to him and has acted as leader whenever Dib was absent. While Dib is annoyed with Bender's ruthless means of doing things, he is still his friend and often needs him for his brutal honesty. Dib sees Bender as a capable leader in his AWOL moments and always leaves the group to him in focus circumstances. A possible reason Bender likes Dib that much is because Dib is like Fry who is his best friend in his universe. Dib does get annoyed when Bender adventures solo and doesn't tell him. In The first two stories Bender acted like a parental substitute towards him and Bubbles and even after they found Batman and Harley Quinn Bubbles and him still see Bender as one, this may be because Dib just knows him better. Despite Bender being more capable of leadership he still believes Dib is the best leader for the team. The two however have break off from each other after Gosalyn's death since Dib puts blame on him for his recklessness.

After Dib's death, Bender didn't take it well like Skipper and Axel. While at first glance it was beause he was his best friend, but it was for a completely different reason. In Bender's back story before he met Dib, he lost his young son and his wife left him as a result of him being unable to cope with it after half of a year of when his son died. Bender was saved by him when he ran into Dib and Bubbles through his spaceship. From that point on, he had Dib's back even though he lied and did ambiguous things to him, he had what he believed to be Dib's intentions at heart. When Dib left Bender during Discord's time and eventually died, Bender described it as losing his son all over again. He also likes Bubbles quite a bit, as she makes Dib happy.


Originally a rival of his due to her contrasting ways in morals and someone he barely could stand. He also advised her not to find her family or anything out on her which earned him ire from Dib, Bubbles and Milo. However, the two became great friends and defended each other endlessly. Lizbeth and Bender like Bender with Dib are great foils yet similar.

Bender is tough and ruthless but can be intelligent and scheming when he wants to be while Lizbeth is resourceful and smart, but can be an action heroine when required. The clearest instinct of their friendship now is Lizbeth's acceptance to joining Bender when Jimmy Neutron died in The V Team Island Adventure and helping him against his foes. Bender and her see eye to eye very often, and they know each other well enough to do what is needed.

Like Dib his close friendship to Lizbeth is because she is much like Leela who is his other best friend in his universe. With both of them in on Totally Mobian Spies it is very likely that she will discover his outside adventure before that. She rejoins his team seen another opportunity to work with Bender. In a technical way they are best friends as Lizbeth and Bender are two of the most recurring characters in M.O.D.A.B alongside Skipper and Django to appear so they have had time to become friends. Like stated in the trivia below, Lizbeth's anger is the only thing Bender fears since he believes the nicest people are the scariest when they are angry at others, this is indeed confirmed as he and Skipper both displayed true fear when she called them out. They once rivaled each other and now they are close friends. Bender has described Lizbeth as "the sad sack" of the team.

She gets back at him for his deceiving in the Multi-Universal War of Destiny by keeping herself out of his war against the League of Darkness, and knowingly she helped him deal with his enemies Malefor and Dr. Weil. While Milo blames him for Dib and Bubbles' death, Lizbeth on the other hand lets him know it wasn't his fault and doesn't hold responsible and blames Discord.


Opposites attract they say, but this is going too far one would think. Bender and Starfire are one of the series' best and strongest couples due to this. Unlike Starfire, he wasn't in love with her at first, but she was due to her stalking him. Despite this he was clearly friends with her as she followed him everywhere he went and he didn't seem bothered. Eventually they got married and the two have lived well together. He likes Starfire because she's nice, hot, strong and other reasons, The two of them have a great bond and they certainly enjoy the other's company. Unlike most couples neither one is the most closer to Earth since one or the other can fly off the handle on certain things like a real marriage in a way which is what makes this couple so effective. When Bender gets home he will see her and have his kid.


While they originally didn't talk on well, as The V Team Island Adventure, Skipper became Bender's right hand bird and loyal follower. These two are best friends and they work together a lot of the time. Skipper and Bender clearly are brothers in a way since their team work is legendary like his with Dib, Sometimes the two are secretive and only tell each other of what they scheme. Skipper, like Starfire follows Bender constantly and keeps a eye on him so he doesn't get himself in trouble. He tag teams with Bender when a dual fight is needed so they can even the odds against their foes. Skipper follows Bender to the hilt and his most frequent partner of all his partners. Skipper is probably the one person who has stayed on Bender's side the longest which obviously makes him perfect for his right hand bird, Apart from perhaps his penguin commando Bender is without a shadow of doubt Skipper's best friend. It is entirely possible that Bender's great friendship with Skipper comes from him living among penguins in his universe.  Skipper and Bender believe in similar things and they both share beliefs that some villains are too evil or dangerous to live. When Bender goes around, Skipper won't be far behind him. Both Skipper and Bender love New York City and that is where they both live in their respective series. They also have a high tolerance of Julian, although both of them have and in the future will threaten Julian when he does something stupid. Skipper's loyalty is very much established when he defends Bender in his verbal fight with Dib and Bubbles. Skipper and Bender both have a serious care for one another to the point of sacrificing what they want to make the other happy. Skipper also is Bender's Confidant as he confesses how sick and routine his life is. They are also the 2 main characters of their final adventure


Bender's oldest friend and ex-girlfriend. These two have been friends for centuries and have lived together too. His love of Marceline was the reason why he clashes with Joker, Joker's treatment of her is just barbaric and he wanted to help her. Bender's friendship with Marceline is so close that he even introduced her to his Planet Express friends and even included her in almost all of his adventures after The V Team Island Adventure when they re-meet on Starfire's home planet. It is even implied that these two will kill Joker for real since they are Joker's main enemies.

They do kill Joker after a showdown with him after everyone else par them, Noob, Hans and Lizbeth are caught. While Bender loves Starfire, his desire to die if he evers wants to is to die with Marceline since they both have extended lives due to their conditions. They have a lot of common interests include their love to be chaotic, and singing which extended to Frida's band though he, Skipper, Julian and Frida did most of it and more. In fact The4everreival's friend even said that Marceline and Bender are a better couple than him and Starfire

Bender's relationship to her is similar to Angewomon with Mysterion. Marceline as his oldest friend knows about him that maybe anyone as they have had much time to know each other. Alongside Ice King, Joker and her father Bender is one of the people who knows her best. Marceline may still love him though as she went a long way to find Bender and save him in Tuxedo Lovelace vs CarnEvil and they may have unresolved sexual tension with each other.

Eddy and The V Team

Some of Bender's main enemies, but they settled down and became his rivals and allies. The first two stories put them against each other as adversaries. But the next two stories started a trust between Bender and Eddy as the two teamed up against other villains and worked well together. To many he is The V Team's main rival due to his similarities with them. Bender particularly locks wits with Scourge and Eddy since they go on him more than the others. It is potentially planned that Bender will team up with Fiona, Lara Su, Lien Da and Wave if and when their adventure begins against Iron Lady. He knows Eddy is innocent for his frame and decides to clear his name then they work together again to stop Iron Queen.

The Joker

If there is one enemy who irks Bender out, Joker is that enemy. Joker is the Professor Moriarty to Bender's Sherlock Holmes. Joker is Bender's archenemy, evil counterpart and longest enemy as well. Their enemy relationship started out 100 years ago considering Bender's oldest friend and ex girlfriend Marceline. who was dating Joker but fell for Bender due to his kindness to her and not using her like Joker did.

Since Bender caused his accident with Marcline's help. Joker has begun his rampage against Bender and in every story he appears try to irk Bender as much as he can. Both him and Joker are obsessed with letting each other down to the point they won't let anyone intervene with them. Bender has called Joker many names and has violently assaulted him many times for his acts. Despite this they are similar in a few ways and Bender uses this to get to Joker and vice versa. Despite Joker hating Bender, Joker seems to regard Bender his BFF and Bender admits he may be right. IN their final battle he is taken down for good, While Bender hated him, he was going to miss that son of a b****.

Unlike many characters Bender doesn't fear the Joker, due to his knowledge on Joker and Bender plans to destroy every trace of his legacy know with him gone and knowing Joker has plans to always be feared and remembered. Bender and the Joker have one of the Multi-Universe's most notable rivalries possibly only eclipsed by Optimus Prime and Megatron. It is eventually revealed that The Joker is also Bender's creator and he was meant to be the leader of Joker's robot forces but Joker lied to him and tried to kill him when Bender refused to. Technically the Joker IS Bender's father. It is unknown if he is aware of this. Joker is his true arch-enemy due to the amounts of hell Joker put the heroes through, and only with help from Marceline and Discord, did Joker go down when he returned with Darkseid's help.

He hates Joker for seriously good reason and  let's just say there was one thing Joker did that make Bender Want to fucking kill him everytime he sees Joker. The Joker was reponsible for the Jack White act which prescued robots above all species, Joker made him the number 1 threat to humanity and put billions of dollars on his head. It was also revealed that The Joker decided if Bender was to kill him in Legends of Light and Darkness, Joker would take him and all robots down with him with the Jack White Act that hunts threats of non humanity into extinction. The Joker was also reponsible for the death of his son in Legedns of Light and Darkness and taunted him over getting loved ones involved in his wars, Joker killed his kid and toyed with him by sending piece by piece to him. He almost caused him to commit sucide and this action haunted him. WHen Marceline and Bender learned about Discord she warned him about getting Dib and the others involved as this would be happen again and she doesn't want to see him in the broken condition he was back then. The Joker also revealed that he is Bender's father and that he went so far to abadon his other son so he could take revenge on him whichw as always the plan every time he showed up and taunts him about being reponsible for Bubbles losing her sisters.

Emperor X

Like Lizbeth, Bender did not like Emperor X at first, but warmed up to him and his family, when he saved X's kid from Joker and personally took X out for the better. He likes Emperor X's no-nonsense attitude and attributes it when he leads. Let's just say if Bender didn't rescue Alpha X, X would still be a villain and not the trusted allies they see each other. Bender, Dib and the others also recruited his empire into their group following the adventure where they could call on them whenever needed. Alongside the Joker, LadyDevimon and Alpha X, Bender is one of the key players to X's reformation as he went out of his way to oppose the former and keep the latter two out of harm's way.

Disney Angels

Bender's involvment with them is positive ever since he defeated his arch-enemy in Slade Strikes Back and he collaborated with them against the next enemies of LOTM's first season with Angewomon. Bender liked them enough to let Starfire, Skipper, Axel and some of his other friends in his assistance with them.

While he likes all of their allies, he espically likes Indiana Jones, Jorgen Von Strangle (One of his main allies), Ikari and Commander Keen. Bender decides to send Dib and Bubbles to go help them in Season 2, Although he is still keeping an eye on things with them. He does have one difference to them though.

Unlike the Children of Autobots he has a difference in handling villains, he doesn't believe in 2nd chances and he doesn't hesitate to kill villains who really push him like the Joker, Joker's forces, Eddy's brother and those who push his buttons of loathing treachery like Lemongrab and Goliad. He learned about the abduction of the angels, he schemes ways to rescue them, but knowing he has other duties with Vilgax, Iron Queen etc He sends Donald, Goofy and some of his other members to help til the war is done and to keep an eye on Dib, Axel and Bubbles. One of the few differences between them is killing, while the Disney Angels and their group don't kill villains, Bender won't hesitate to kill villains. This does put him in conflict with them at times, but he does state that their differing point of views shouldn't decide anything or make any conflict as they're allowed to see things differently.


Bender and Heloise have a good friendship and trust in each other. They bare many similarities such as being incredibly violent to people who piss them off and loving towards their love interests. They met at the end of The V Team Island Adventure and then the Jack of Blades arc, She joined the team in The Great Time Travel Adventure and after Roxas' disappearance, Heloise joined Bender as his new teammate for The B Team. In the new story, Heloise, Him and Skipper are the 3 main protagonists and we may learn more about the relationship she has with him and Skipper. Bender learns Heloise's past and like anyone he really likes, he decides to murder Strange next time he sees him calling him the most disgusting piece of trash he ever laid eyes after The Joker. As Heloise joined his team, she alongside Skipper became Bender's most consistent alley in summer of 2012. Bender decides to face Iron Queen and her Syndicate with the team because of what she did to her daughter Heloise proving he does care for her well being. She and him often have Skipper with them as the three are in ways inseparable. Bender seems to be one of Heloise's best friends as well and will continue this by being alongside Skipper his greatest alley. Heloise like Bender is rather violent and has murdered a lot of people but they both aim at the irredeemable targets like Joker, Hugo Strange and Red Skull.

Slade and his Ensemble

Notably his first enemies he's faced was Slade Wilson and his team. While originally an enemy of his, Slade and Anti Cosmo have recently been more like allies to him as opposed to enemies. Slade and Anti Cosmo teamed up with him and his friends in The V Team Island Adventure and The Great Time Travel Adventure against Uka Uka and Hunson Abadeer. They will team up with him again in Legends of Light and Darkness mostly with Slade, Anti Cosmo and Celes Chere

Slade and the crew change their ways truly where Slade and Anti Cosmo have joined his circle of true companions. It turns out one big reason for this development is that Bender used to work for Slade before he met Dib running his operations before Slade set his sights on the multiverse. It is unknown why he left Slade before The Beginning, but it is implied that before he did He went on and off of going back to the future and past when it came to his allegiance to Slade.

Twilight Sparkle

Twilight is one of the newest allies to him, and the one he has the most interactions to him. He met Twilight Sparkle with Skipper and Heloise early on on Isle Defino. She explained her situation to him and he took immediate action. Twilight herself trusts Bender a lot and knows his insane plans fairly well as she is surrounded by insane in her town. Twilight has allied up with him very frequently much like 2rd, 3rd and 5th in commands Skipper, Heloise and King Julian. Even though she`s his newest main friend, he cares about her to the point of brutalizing Veger for what he did to her and her brother and Bender lets Twilight's friends join them in Totally Mobian Spies to dish out a little shit on them. She seems to understand the improbable insanity he schemes better than most people do. Bender also likes Twilight's friends mainly Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. They share a common enemy in Discord and while this may have been a reason they worked well, they are still great friends.

Princess Celestia

The only one he listens to without hesitation. He may hesitate to listen to Dib or others, he always listens to her. Celestia holds him in high regard and is happy to get him and his friends help. Celestia also is the one who gets him in his missions. While she can rely on many people, Bender and his pals (mainly Skipper, Heloise and Twilight) are the ones she goes to. It is revealed that Celestia told Bender not to inform Dib about Discord as she learned about them through him. Celestia now is keeping her eye on both Dib and Bender.


Bender and Q have a rather funny history with each other as Q always like pestering him much like he does with Captain Picard and Bender of course can't tolerate it. The two met after their dealings with the Master as Q was turned into a human for messing up in the continuum and Bender with his 2 of his closest friends Starfire and Skipper decided to have him join them during their plans with The Disney Angels albeit secretly. Once the team faced Unicron, they knew were outmatched but Bender and the 2 called Q to get the enterprise which he did and then Q sacrificed himself to make sure the three were safe. Bender, Skipper and Starfire all thought it was the end of Q, but au contraire mon robot he's back. Q was forgiven, his brothers and sisters took him back and he became immortal again, omnipotent again. Q then bid a til next time to the trio. Next time couldn't have been sooner as during a haunted house exploration, Bender and Skipper ran into him again and he joined forces with the B Team once more. Of course now with Him being friends Q, how will Bender react when he learns Q knows Scorpion and Scorpion hates Q


Bender did not think much of Scorpion when he first met him but Bender was blown away seeing how he fights he was also in shock to hear someone other then him and Batman beat the Joker and even more that Scorpion let him live. Scorpion had proven himself to be a powerful ally to Bender and the rest of his team and Bender is glad to have him. While Friends, Bender won't know what to do when they meet and Q is there. Since Scorpion finds Q annoying, Scorpion knows about his new team allegiance to Knuckles


With the Joker dead good, it seems Discord has become his new arch-enemy as he was introduced in The Grand Summer Season Trek and he was working for Vilgax. But Vilgax didn't know that both Bender and Discord played him like chumps into their plans against each other. Discord regards Bender as a worthy opponent as he does with Skipper and Heloise, to the point where he will let no one get in between his rivalry with the robot. He, Skipper and Heloise defeated Discord at the end and with the help of Twilight, her friends, Sora, Profion and Django the trio sealed him back in his stone prison saving the Multi-Universe. Being the spirit of chaos and disharmony and to Twilight and Celestia (The incarnation of evil) he wasn't going to go away anytime soon and Bender, Heloise and Skipper wait for his return to stop him again. Discord is not just an archenemy to Bender but also to many of the members of his team especially him, Skipper, Heloise and Twilight Sparkle. Like Joker, Bender takes him very seriously and knows when Discord is around things get ugly and quick. He believes Discord feels he should never be gone for good. Discord and him are quite alike in many ways what with their scheming, brilliance yet lazy, love of breaking rules and love for the theatrical.

Bender and Discord face each other again with and his pals Dib, Lizbeth, Milo, Bubbles and the others  joining, though he wished to keep them from knowing Discord and his history as well as keep Discord from knowing His history with the heroes. Discord was foiled by Bender and his team (mainly Skipper and Heloise) in the previous two stories. Discord is the person he has the most hatred for due to his actions in the Multi-Universal War of Destiny due to how much Discord pissed him off in particular. Discord though reforms in the final story and while Bender doesn't trust him or forgive him, he does accept the chance to give a second chance for him.

All Later Stories with this alliance and they will show he really has changed though his wackiness certainly hasn't. Discord is even shocked and disgusted by his other archenemy The Joker and what he did.


His Secondary arch-enemy after Discord and his mother. MOM is the mother of all robots in Futurama but she only cares to use them for power. Bender used to love her like his robot brothers and sisters but he turned against her when she tried to kill him for calling tech support. He never forgave her for this action and with MOM joining the Dystopia League with his enemy Discord, he is making his goal to kill her since she betrayed his trust hard twice.

Captain Knuckles

Bender and him met in The Grand Summer Season Trek where only Bender of the main members of M.O.D.A.B appeared. They worked together against Vilgax and his team by splitting the job. Knuckles is one of Bender's best friends and confidants despite have only met in this adventure only so far. Bender and Knuckles will probably work together again against a future enemy. Once again they're up against Discord someone, they both dislike a lot. After the story, Bender and Knuckles talk about Knuckles sends Death the Kid to join Bender since Knuckles sees both Bender and Kid as best friends, Knuckles decided to cheer him up by sending Kid to help him and his team.


HK-47 is Bender's long lost cousin. Everything Bender learned about interrogation he learned from HK-47.

Phineas Flynn

One of his newest best friends as of Legends of Light and Darkness. While he was an ally, he gradually grew in importance into one of his main allies which he is in Legends of Light and Darkness, LOTM Next Gen Island Tour, Blackpool and LOTM: Darkness Incarnate

Like Heloise, he admits he will never outgrow him when Bender told him that he feels Dib, Bubbles and the rest will

Isabella Garcia Shapiro

Like Phineas, she has grown into one of his best friends at the same time. She serves as his moral compass whenever he takes things too far as Heloise encourages it. Like Phineas, she admits that she will always need him. While she is closer to Phineas, Isabella stills like Bender, Heloise and Skipper like her best friends.

Dr. Strange

Haytham Kenway

Bender and Haytham will meet in Blackpool. Haytham will be Bender's next rival. Bender sees Haytham as an honorable villain although he and his team will be disgusted for what Haytham did to his son and everyone else in the Assassin's Creed Universe. Though with Anarky around, he's stuck in the middle of the conflict between the lawful Kenway and the chaotic Anarky and may have to find a proper ground that allows Black Star, him and the rest to take the 2 collective big bads without giving one another edge.


Haytham Kenway's son and an upcoming new best friend, after hearing of Connor's mother's death and Haytham's betrayal, Bender and his B Team feel sorry for Connor and decided to recruited him on their team. Connor sees Bender as his step father, a nice step father. They both fight their same enemy, Haytham Kenway and his Templar Orders. After defeating Templar Orders,Connor joins Bender to defeat BlackGarurumon and Mister Sinister since Bender helps Connor defeat his father, Connor helps Bender defeats BlackGarurumon, Mister Sinister, Jesse, Loki, Albert Wesker, The Smoking Man, Dukat, Crowley and Peter Pan


The two met in Blackpool First and second half as close friends. They both have same archenemy, Rodrigo Borgia and his True Templars. Ezio is one of Bender's best and closest friends. After hearing what happened to Ezio's family, Bender swore that he will have his revenge on Rodrigo Borgia and other villains.


Black Star

Black Star is one of Bender's closest friends. Though, Bender get's annoyed of Black Star's comedic and crazy ideas. They are similar to Deadpool and Cable. Black Star acts like a sidekick to Bender during Blackpool. Black Star does something arrogant by sometimes pranking Bender and steal one of Bender's project idea. Though they are good friends.

Rodrigo Borgia

One of his archenemies. After hearing everything about Rodrigo Borgia, Bender is disgusted for what Rodrigo Borgia did. Not only that Rodrigo felt like killing Ezio's family but also tries to murdered his own son by giving him a poison apple and molested his own daughter. Rodrigo is one of the villains that Bender wants him dead and suffer.  Bender sees Rodrigo worse then Haytham Kenway.


Stardash is his daughter and a fellow hero like her parents. She joined him in his adventure of the islands though Bender was reluctant due to Dib being dead and Boomer as well as Lizbeth being out of his life, so he decided to have her kept out of harm's way. However Stardash got a bit miffed and decide to age herself so she can become stronger and be able to fight, once she did that, Bender got a bit miffed, but accepted her as a freedom fighter and a warrior who may be stronger than her mother.

Bender is a bit of a doting parent towards his kid, he's a bit of a goof that does embrass her a bit. He also doesn't take shit from any student that tries to bully or harass Stardash at her school, Bender will threat, kidnap, torture, manipulate, blackmail, extort and will even go so far to kill any teacher or student who screws or treats his kid awful.

This has got him banned from school premises, because he takes such actions against kids, and he has also done this when someone messed with Dib, Lizbeth, Boomer or someone else. Stardash's friends at her school also think she has the coolest dad for being fun to be around, and wonder why the school committees and some parents want Bender arrested or punished considering he's giving assholes their comeuppance.

White Star

Black Star's father and a "new" rival of Bender, after betraying the heroes after the Multi-Universal War of Destiny and joining the Templars in Blackpool, Bender is pissed and will keep an eye on White Star. Bender sees White Star as his "new" rival but he will let Black Star to fight his own father.

Rick Sanchez

His new Top Scientist working with him in his team. Bender and Rick meet when the latter crashed into his boiler room and after a feud between each other, they bury the ractchet and decide to work together. Due to Heloise's disappearance, Bender relies on him a lot, though he also likes drinking with him too. While Heloise is closer to him, Rick got his own place in his companions.

Luan Loud

Like Rick, Luan Loud became a close friend to Bender upon meeting the Loud Family. Both of them get along as a result of their sense of humor as Bender is one of the few who finds Luan's puns funny. They also have a dislike for Bender's nemesis The Joker who they killed working together. He also works for Luan and Funny Business Inc as well to do something with his free time, cause hey what better way to have some fun on a bun. He is also protective of her in the same way he is with the others if anyone boos or insults her during her passions, he will let them have it and doing anything bad to her has become one of the worst ways to anger him.

Eobard Thawne

A New main enemy for Bender, and was his main adversary in TGTTA 2, They fought before the story and Thawne returns to get even with him and Slade. Eobard became Bender's worst enemy even more so than The Joker when it's revealed how much crap Thawne did to him and his friends in the past, like Thawne's actions that caused Dib and Bubbles's death, how he killed Lizbeth and Boomer. Screwing with his life and trying to erase him and his friends from reality with the Spear of Destiny.

Deathstroke (Arrow)

While Eobard was his archenemy, Deathstroke served as his main rival of the story and who Bender and co thought was the actual head of the Legion. Deathstroke unlike Thawne and Joker is not vengeful or hateful towards Bender and sees him as a worthy opponent. The Feeling is mutual on Bender and friends's part, Deathstroke also was one of the few to get the drop on him and his friends. Deathstroke and Bender's friends all by the end dropped the hatchet to fight off and defeat Thawne when Deathstroke and Eobard's deal was broken and Deathstroke was spared by as a result of this after the defeat of Bill Cipher and Toffee.

Allies, Enemies, On Off Allies/Enemies


Best Friends: Dib, Lizbeth, Skipper, Starfire, Marceline, Heloise, Jorgen Von Strangle, King Julian, Twilight Sparkle, Phineas, Isabella, Suede, Slade Wilson, Anti Cosmo Cosma, Dr. Strange, Knuckles Riso, Death The Kid

Other friends: Bubbles, Milo, Django, Ice King, Finn,Agent 9, Axel, Edd, Darkwing Duck, Goslayn, Peep, Emperor X, Launchpad, Carl the Evil Cockroach, Heloise, Luciaus, Dr. Blowhole, Dr. Doofenshcimtz, Stewie Griffin, Oscar, Disney Angels, John Tangelo, Nibbler, The Planet Express crew, Scorpion, Subzero, Smoke, Noob, Hans the Puffin, Marlene, Princess Bubblegum, Frida Suarez, Princess Celestia, Gnowman, Spike, Shining Armor, Snide, Sagat, Dr. House, Stan Smith,  Flame Princess, Solid Snake, the Chief, Luigi, Meowth, Mandark, the Shadowness, Princess Morbucks, Meta Knight, Q, Brick, Butch, Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Harley Quinn, Professor Pericles, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Worf, Riker, Falco Lombardi, Ahsoka Tano, Jerry, Sandy Cheeks, Kitty Katswell, Profion, Lucario, Big Boss, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, Princess Candance, Alex, Asami Sato, Frost, Merlida, Sam, Clover, Jazz Pants, Kirby, Tiff, Tuff, King Dedede, Escargoon, Dipper Pines, Mabel Pines, Master Chief, Cortana, Solidius Snake, Jill Valentine, Zuko, Hellboy, Captain Jack Sparrow, Cammy White, Obi-Wan, Tak, Chadbot, Jimmy Neutron, Katara, Danny Phantom, Raiden, Betty Barrett, the P Team, Tuxedo Lovelace, Gabriel Haywood, Shadow Queen, Xigbar, Sally Acorn, Demyx, Professor Calamitous, Jake Miller, Applebloom, Sweetie Pie, Swolattoo, Protoman, X5, Sparkley, Noah Parker, Hugo Brass, Aang, Spyro, Cynder, Sparx, El Tigre, Mushu, Sherry Birkin, Megaman, Roll, Phantom R, the Arbiter, Wizardmon, Fox Xanatos, Balthazar Blake, Kera Young, Vanelope, Angry Video Game Nerd, Stoick the Vast,  Alie, Axl, Giro, Jack Frost, Slade Wilson, Anti Cosmo Cosma, Slade's Ensemble, Zordon, Tooth, North, Sandman, Bunny, Nostalgia Chick, Orion, Gohan, Jack Bauer, Marie, R2-D2, C-3PO, Shade, Suede, Will Vandom, Dr. Manhattan, Stan Marsh, Wendy Testaburger, Harpuia, Makoto Naynaya, Scamp, Angel, Annette, Nostalgia Critic, Sabrina Spellman, Harvey Kingle, Salem, Silver, Green, Klonoa, Wreck-It-Ralph, Monodramon, Hexadecimal, Jesu Otaku, Flash Sentry, Irene Addler, Saul Goodman, Starscream, Captain Knuckles,  Eliza and Patty Thompson, The Helper Squad, Kratos, The Striker Force, Discord, Black Star, Taki, Tsubaki, Mr. Gold, Dr.Strange, Ozymandias, Alexander Fox  Xanatos, Android 16, Batman, Batman Beyond, Big Barda, Blythe Baxter, Carl Clover, Dan, Eska, Grey, Jessie, James, Mister Miracle, Mysterion, Norman, Sam, Sunil, Zoe, Tony Animeda, The Flash, Sora, Anna, Biyomon, Jean Grey, Jaeris, Zhuge Liang, Suki, Starkiller, Cruger, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Yasha, Connor, Major Kirrahue, Buffy Summers, Dixie, Gonner, Knuckles, Sarah, Bart Simpsons, Colonel Star and Stripes, Rick Sanchez, Mory Smith, Lydia, Colress, Amanda Payne, Harrison Wells, Grovyle, Rip Hunter, Steven Universe, Connie, Star Butterfly, Marco Diaz, Amaya, Mick Rory, Attauri, Pearl, Amytehst, Garnet, Peridot, Lapis, Mallow, Ford Pines, Uncle Grandpa, Pizza Steve, Mr.Gus, Lincolin Loud, Lori Loud, Leni Loud, Luna Loud, Luan Loud, Lynn Jr, Lucy Loud, Lana Loud, Lola Loud, Lisa Loud.

On/Off Enemies: 343 Guilty Spark, Reaver

Enemies: The Joker, Discord (Formerly), Anarky, Uka Uka, Brother Blood, Marceline's dad, Darkwarrior Duck, Alt. Doof, Taurus Bulba, the Master, Unicron, Megatron, Jack of Blades, MD's allies, No Heart, Albert Wesker, Pete, Emperor Pete, Eggman Nega, Vilgax, Porky Minch, M.Bison,and their allegiance, The Iron Queen, Mecha Sally, 343 Guilty Spark, Ghestsis, Iron Queen's Syndicate. the Patriots, the Children of Megatron, MOM, Robot Devil, Robot Santa, Charmcaster, Vlad Bender, Pterano, Rinkus, Sierra, Kefka, the Horned King, Terrance Lewis, Scar, Shenzi, Banzai, Ed, Dormammu, Valvatorez, Selvaria Bles, Zak Monday, Black Knight, Umlaut, Anti-Sora, Chaos, Umleat, BIG Cheese, the Dystopia League, Sigma, the Sigma Organization, Nudar, the Scammer Aliens, Malefor, the League of Darkness, Darkseid, the Darkseven, Model W, Hazama, Relius Clover, Sari Sumdac, BlackGarurumon, the Children of BlackGarurumon, Mister Sinister, the Sinisters Of Evil, Haytham Kenway, the Templar Order, GBF and his Squad, the Terrorist Unit, Morpheus, Nox Decious, Emperor Dalek, Mecha Mario, Jesse, Peter Pan, Loki, Dukat, Phony Disney Characters and their mother, Eobard Thawne, The Legion of Past, Present and Future Evil, Dr.Alchemy, The Network Head, Dennis (SpongeBob), Toffee, Bill Cipher, Bill Cipher's Cult


  • Despite being a jerk he has the most functioning relationship with a girl among his friends this is to due to him being in more relationships than anyone.
  • Like Emperor X they seem to be a hit with ladies and maybe really get around until they meet their true loves
  • Bender is one of the only seven characters to appear in every story in a series after his debut alongside Skipper, Heloise, Phineas, Isabella, Discord and Twilight Sparkle.
  • He was the first teammate to join the team to not be exactly heroic, he is often diabolical what with his more amoral planning and his willingness to kill villains. This will be a plot point in TGTTA 2
  • Because of his anti-heroic personality he is a great foil for his more straight-laced friends.
  • He is one of the few non living members of Dib's team
  • Was for a long time the single Futurama character in the series until the Great Time Travel Adventure where Nibbler, Zapp Brannigan and the Planet Express showed up and helped him against Hunson Abadeer (Marceline's Dad). Still he is the main character from it
  • His largest role was Legends of Light and Darkness and his smallest role was The Great Time Travel Adventure.
  • As of Legends Of Light and Darkness, he is the only character to have appeared in every story involving M.O.D.A.B or his team.
  • Is a leader in his own right as the spinoffs prove and may be even better than Dib as fewer members have died under his leadership
  • Has meet some of the Children of the Autobots before collaborating with them
  • Bender is the oldest character in Dib's group and one of the oldest things in the Multi-Universe This is all due to his constant time traveling and never using one to get back from the past and he got much older in The Great TIme Travel Adventure as a result of this
  • Was the only main character apart from Marceline not to suffer a mental breakdown in The Great Time Travel Adventure.
  • Was the maker of the brutally hilarious where's my money and Quagmire beats up Brian bits heroes do on occasion. As he did both of these to The Joker in Slade Strikes back to many users' benefit as they laughed at Joker and cheered on Bender. He did it again against Veger and also helped Finn with Skipper unleash the latter on Hugo Strange. He did this again to Discord both at once in The Multi-Universal War to Destiny and the former on Joker in Legends Of Light and Darkness.
  • Probably has sworen more than anyone in the series so far in English, that may be because he's from a more mature show.
  • He, Joker, Dipper, the Master, Wesker and Skipper's names rhyme with er
  • It is note worthing that his main friendships and romances are based off his interactions with characters from his universes. Dib to Fry, Lizbeth to Leela, Starfire to the only fembot he truly loved, Skipper to his time thinking he was a penguin, King Julian to Professor Farnsworth, Marceline to Amy and possibly Jorgen or Double D to Hermes
  • He has admitted he is a drama queen, and he is also the biggest drama queen in the Multi-Universe and is very aware of the 4th wall. Not so surprisingly Skipper, Rarity and King Julian do it too to varying degrees
  • One of the things he hates most is being called "the robot." surprisingly he lets the Joker and later Discord call him it
  • Bender is viewed as "the dreaded manbot." and feared by many members of Vilgax's allegiance for murdering Eddy's brother and the Joker, defeating Uka Uka, tricking the Master to his death by manipulating Lugnut.
  • Alongside Skipper and Heloise he is the C.E.O of the new remade W.H.O.O.P that Fiona, Lara Su, Lien Da and Wave will join. He is using W.H.O.O.P to recreate a Multi-Universal wide organization and he looks for Scorpion's help
  • He gives names to his feet and hands. He calls his hands Grabby and Squeezy and his feet Stompy and Smashy
  • He eithers weights 500 pounds or 2 tons
  • He has many functions to him that a robot shouldn't have
  • He somehow attracts royalty as he has Queen (Formerly Princess) Starfire as a wife, Marceline the Vampire Queen and Princess Morbucks attracted to him
  • He Can magically grow a third leg to use as a tripod
  • He apparently didn't know about robot reproduction as his mother was a religious fanatic.
  • He prefers old-fashioned photography over digital for some reason despite his eyes being digital
  • Bender himself has a dark troubled past with both his parents being pure evil and trying to kill him. MOM and the Joker are his parents/creators
  • Inexplicably HATES clowns with a exception in Quackerjack. He especially hates them if they're Joker or any way relating to Joker.
  • His best male friends are Dib, Skipper, Jorgen Von Stangle, Scorpion, Phineas, King Julian and Rick Sanchez
  • His best female friends are Starfire, Marceline, Lizbeth, Heloise, Isabella ,Twilight Sparkle and Luan Loud
  • Was for a while the only robot apart from XJ9 in a hero team minus the Autobots until is was revealed that Sari Sumdac was one too. He is still the only manbot though in the team until Protoman and Axl joined him
  • He and Sari are both immune to Iron Queen's control over robots because he's more advanced of a robot than hers and also Sari
  • He acts like a parental substitute towards many younger heroes such as Dib, Bubbles before they found their parents, Sari before and post upgrade, and Finn
  • He claims that a robot has mighty powers that allow them to get sick of things faster than humans
  • He has the last chemical dark room in existence which he uses to develop photography
  • Probably has spend the shortest time in college in the entire Multi-Universe having spend 32 seconds there and then dropping out. He hung with a tough guy gang doing so
  • He carries many things that no one would ever bother to carry, some examples of this being a beating human heart, and the arm of the Prime Minster of Norway.
  • He is highly lethal in cooking because he improvizes, improvizing usually works but fails DEAD ON here. It should be A LAW for him never to cook with improvizing since it has killed plants.
  • He lives in New New York which is New York 1000 years in the future, like King Julian and Skipper. He was born or bulit in Tijauna Mexico
  • His mother was either a robot arm or MOM of Robot Oiling industry. He also said that grandmother was a bulldozer and that his aunt is a screw
  • As a criminal he has a very long rap list for everything he has commited. As a matter of fact he has the longest rap sheet possible, after he commited 15 felonies all at once. Look at the song "Robot Hell" for some of the things he did. In fact it's easier to list what he hasn't committed, though it has been established that he won't stink to totally betraying and killing his friends
  • His vanity plate is ! DVS BSTD which means "one devious bastard" and quite fitting at that what with his devious underhanded personality at times and when he anilated The Children of Blackgurumon's armies with a powerful poison.
  • If Bender ever to chose to end in his immortal life, he would just LOVE to being crushed to death by a big rig driven by the Incredible Hulk followed by the Master Chief putting a Plasma Grenade (or Sticky Grenade as it's also called) on his face the by causing him to explode!. This may mean that he wants Master Chief to mercy kill him when he decides he has enough of life,
  • As he is highly pragmatic, He prefers cruel mercy over murder, He makes exceptions for those like the Joker and traitors and anyone who really crosses him like The Children of Blackgurumon who he didn't hesistate to poison every member along with Discord and then excute them mob boss style.
  • While  he says he doesn't believe in 2nd chances for bad guys, he has let villains in on his team or help like Slade, Anti Cosmo or Solidus Snake despite their antagonstic history with him. This may be because they have good intentions like Slade, a relatable point of view like Solidus or good relations like Eddy. It even extended to Discord
  • He is one of the few heroes to be a founder of more than one team as he alongside Dib, Bubbles, Milo, Lizbeth, Boomer and Edd found M.O.D.A.B and then he formed The B Team alongside Skipper
  • He is quite terrifying to his enemies. Bender (as well as his team) are quite feared because they tend to just about anything done no matter how impossible and Bender's histories against his enemies Especially Joker and Discord
  • For a long time he couldn't get up when he was knocked on his back, that was more because he was on his side. He overcame this by learning through the majestic turtle
  • He is the only main member of M.O.D.A.B to never have been absent from an adventure, every other member missed at least one

He seems to have the most clones in the Multi-Universe rivaled by fellow member Big Boss. Sir Bendtron, Vlad Bender and newcomer Majin Bender

  • . Bender is the Solid Snake and possible Big Boss equivalent
  • . Sir Bentron is possibly the same as Bender
  • . Majin Bender is the Liquid Snake equivalent
  • . Vlad Bender is the Solidus Snake equivalent
  • He is highly regarded by many unaligned heroes and they join his team when they meet him due to his charm, his honor and his effective (and often strange) ways of leading. In Totally Mobian Spies that was outright confirmed
  • He believes a good looking depressed guy smoking a cigarette is not a movie and that French sirens sound like gay guys having a threesome.
  • As leader of his team he has been on all of his B Team adventures alongside his second-in-command Skipper, King Julian, Finn, Heloise and Django of the Dead. Though as of Of Light and Darkness, Skipper and Heloise are the only two to always accompany him
  • He has only ONE fear, and surprisingly it's his friend Lizbeth's anger. This is justified due to him believing the nicest people are the scariest when they get angry
  • Has cameoed in Many other Fox cartoon shows such as Family Guy and Simpsons.
  • Calls Christmas "X-mas."
  • One time alongside Skipper, Axel and Scorpion he drove drunk, played snowball rugby while dancing to "Wooly Bully."
  • It's worth noting that he saved the day without the other main members of M.O.D.A.B at least once and it was against Vilgax, Discord and Vilgax's allegiance. Proving that unlike the 7 members he can work without them, but because they're his friends he does work with them. This was also done for the first half against The Sinsters of Evil and The Children of Blackgurumon
  • He loves keeping secrets from others. This is most often shown when Bender goes on an adventure without Dib and meets his many new allies and/or works with Eddy. This bothers Dib and is one reason he disagrees with Bender on occasion. He also is a consummate lair often and lies to his friends often about his activities.
  • He once had a weakness in not being able to give second chances, though it seems this isn't the case as he tried to offer Sari a second chance to be a good guy again. Also, while he doesn't trust Discord, he does seem willing to give him a chance.
  • Bender is one of the only four characters alongside his best friend Skipper and main allies Slade and Anti Cosmo who has seen the end of the Multi-Universe and the creation of another one which was possible through a forwards time machine.
  • He is the only character to be on the hero side to fight in the first and last war of a series and one of the four characters who fought in them alongside his archenemy Joker, Slade and Anti Cosmo



Life In Prison Crossover style

Life In Prison Crossover style

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Futurama Best of Bender!

Meet everyone's biggest anti role model

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Bender's Anti-Piracy Warning

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Bender's Pimp Song Decisionz I made.

The Robot champion of Pimping

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Going at it tonight Bender - Futurama

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