"Cosmo, you ignorant boob!" - Anti-Cosmo

Anti Cosmo is a villain/anti hero in the LOTM series. He serves as Slade's 2nd in command/ best friend in Slade's team and is very loyal to him. Anti Cosmo is the leader of the anti fairies because of his high intelligence, though he still had to listen to the Anti Fairy Council. Anti Cosmo though betrayed the Council when they ordered him to betray Slade and spread bad luck all over the Multi-Universe on one particular Friday the 13th where every universe experiences it. On top of being smart, he also has a lot of knowledge alongside Celes the first lady and is the one who runs Slade's establishments.

Anti Cosmo lives in Anti Fairy World, where his castle is one of the primary hideouts for Slade and his organization. He uses the castle to reside meeting with the team. He is also one of the only 5 members of Slade's Ensemble to have stayed since the beginning alongside Slade, Hades, Mojo Jojo and HIM.

He has fought many wars in the multiverse alongside Slade, heck he is the only member of Slade's Ensemble other than Slade to always represent the ensemble. He has fought the first and last war of a subseries alongside Slade, Bender and The Joker with the former two as allies and the latter being one of AC's Greatest Enemies.

Greatest Strength: His Intelligence

Greatest Weakness: He's a sore loser

Main Allies: Anti Wanda, Slade, Bender, Skipper, Hades, Celes Chere, Black Star

Alignment: Evil (The Beginning and Slade Strikes Back), Neutral (The V Team Island Adventure and The Great Time Adventure), Anti Hero (Legends of Light and Darkness and beyond)

Voiced by: Daran Norris

His theme song


Anti Cosmo is clever, cunning, affable and evil. Like his boss Slade Wilson, he is calm, patient and smart. Anti Cosmo is the mind in mastermind as Slade is the master in mastermind. He is loyal to Slade as always and enjoys his other villains' presence. But even he has limits to Slade's loyalty and does question his plans when he goes too far such as Slade's obsession with young heroes. Despite his evil he is more than capable of working with the heroes when required as his team ups with them in The V Team Island Adventure and The Great Time Travel Adventure.

His loyalty is established when he is chosen by Slade to arrange his and Celes' wedding so he makes Sideshow Bob his best man, Waul the reverend and Captain Hook in charge of decorating. The two characters he has the most respect for are Slade Wilson and Bender Rodriguez as they are the only people he would listen to. When he helps the heroes he does listen to Bender

In a way he's an counterpart to Skipper and Jorgen. When it comes to Skipper, He's around the same size as him, both think to extremes in terms of law and chaos, are the most loyal allies and friends of their main associate and are both capable leaders. As for Jorgen, both of them betrayed their Councils, are the leaders of their race, are some of the strongest allies that their bosses have and are the main allies of theirs.

Allies and enemies

Friends: Slade, the V Team, Hades, Mojo Jojo, HIM, Thailog, Warrior Monkey, Evil Manta, Megabyte, Sideshow Bob, Cat R. Waul, the Disney Angels (sometimes), Bender and the B Team, Celes Chere, the Alpha Team, Emperor X (sometimes), Orion, Gohan, Jack Bauer, Marie, R2-D2, C3PO, Shade, Phantom R, Will Vandom, Dr. Manhattan, Stan Marsh, Wendy Testaburger, Harpuia, Makoto Nanaya, Scamp, Angel, Annette, Sabrina Spellman, Harvey Kingle, Salem, Silver, Green, Klonoa, Wreck-It-Ralph, Monodramon, Hexadecimal, Jesu Otaku, Nostalgia Critic, Hiccup, Astrid, Zuko, Obi Wan, Jack Sparrow, Aleu, Hellboy, Irene Addler, Black Star, Tsubaki, Taki, Death the Kid, Dr. Strange, Mr. Gold, Saul Goodman, Blue, Magneto, Ozymandias, Alexander Fox Xanatos, Android 16, Batman, Batman Beyond, Big Barda, Blythe Baxter, Carl Clover, Dan, Eska, Grey, Jessie, James, Mister Miracle, Mysterion, Norman, Sam, Sunil, Zoe, Tony Animeda and The Flash, Sora, Anna, Biyomon, Jaeris, Zhuge Liang, Suki, Starkiller, Cruger, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Yasha, Connor, Major Kirrahue, Buffy Summers, Manray, Technus, The Flying Dutchman, Black Curveo, Ventress, Bowser, Harrison Wells (Earth 2), Lydia, Tombstone, Captain Gold, Golden Girlder

Enemies: Megatron, the Master, Jack of Blades, Uka Uka, Alt Doofenschimtz, Darkwarrior Duck, Joker, Marcline's Dad, No Heart, Eggman Nega, Dib and his friends (sometimes), Emperor X (sometimes), Malefor, the League of Darkness, Darkseid, the Darkseven, Dr. Weil, Discord, Hazama, Relius Clover, Sari Sumdac, BlackGarurumon, the Children of BlackGarurumon, Mister Sinister, the Sinisters Of Evil, Haytham Kenway the Templar Order, Anarky, GBF and his Squad, Jesse, Peter Pan, Eobard Thawne, Dr.Alchemy, Scott the Network Head, The League of Past, Present and Future Evil, Toffee, Bill Cipher, Bill Cipher's Cult



He is Slade's most loyal follower and life long friend. These two are great friends as said above and have their sense of honor and morals that stand them out from other villains. Slade and him have known each other for a very long time. He is always following Slade in his own misadventures and has went so far to defy the Anti Fairy Council over this loyalty.

The V Team

Anti Cosmo was the one who made to call to recruit the V Team led by Eddy. They loyally helped the two ever since. And the two have served as mentors for them through their own adventure


Unlike Slade, he doesn't hold a grudge against Dib, He actually likes the kid and is hesitant to hurt him. In a way he's a friendly enemy to Dib and the others. But he does get annoyed with Dib's childish ideas


Originally his main rival, like Dib to Slade. But the two have settled down since Slade Strikes back and have even teamed up against other enemies to assert this. Anti Cosmo has a respect for Bender that rivals his for Slade's as the two are both capable of making them do what he wants. He and Slade work with him against The League of Darkness and Darkseid before joining forces. Anti Cosmo also worked with Bender as a 2nd in command to Slade before Slade set his sights on the multiverse in Anti Cosmo, Bender and Slade's past before the series. 

The Disney Angels

Like most villains who don't work for Megatron, he doesn't hate them like most heroes. And he always goes out of his way to help them just as using Hades as an reverse mole to get information. Anti Cosmo though did help them with the Joker, alongside Slade, Bender and Emperor X.


The Beginning (One of the 2 main villains alongside Slade)

Slade Strikes Back (One of the main villains again)

The V Team Island Adventure ( An Anti Hero and Mentor to the V Team)

The Great Time Travel Adventure (Same as above)

Legends of Light and Darkness

He is contacted by Slade who informs him and the rest of the team about Malefor and his league. Anti Cosmo is personally requested by Slade to come see him in the hopes of working an old trusted friend of theirs. He arrives at Channel Awesome Universe with Slade and follows him to the Nostalgia Chick's house where they find Bender alongside AVGN, Alie, Axl, Axel, Jack Frost, Heloise, Isabella, Phineas and Skipper. As a result they join forces against Malefor.

He is the third character to appear in costume as Gandalf the White. Bender mockingly calls him Dumbledore and AC makes fun of Skipper's costume. He also joins in laughing at Axl's costume when he comes in. Alongside the other boys he gets disgusted at Axel's gag crotch. Anti Cosmo alongside Slade and Celes follow Bender to the 2nd location, and comments on Slade seeming like a henpecked husband.

He sneaks into an old warehouse and alongside Bender, Skipper, Slade, Heloise and Celes disguises himself as a solider. They are eventually figured though Bender takes action and shoots Saddler's staff out of his hand. Anti Cosmo goes with the others to find Interpol, and he helps Bender with the side effects of his distraction plan. Anti Cosmo figures out with Nostalgia Chick, Jack Bauer and Orion that Jr is using the heroes of Interpol as transports and holding for ransom for the universes. Anti Cosmo helps Bender in explaining the situations to the escapees and hears out Jack Bauer in his telling of plans regarding Malefor. Anti Cosmo is in Darkseid's help and he is not taking shit as he gets the others out and follows Celes with Slade as they cover Orion and Hades.

Anti Cosmo before they deal with Khan asks Slade regarding his plan to do Khan. After they leave, Anti Cosmo uses his magic to poof the team in the vents as opposed to go straight forward. While Slade and Bender deal with Khan, Anti Cosmo stumbles upon buttons regarding the security and uses his magic to make it easier for Phineas to shut down. While Phineas is doing just that, Anti Cosmo helps Skipper and Isabella deal with Mitch who is pretty content on taking them down with the ship. After Phineas finishes explain to Will their stuff, Anti Cosmo asks her if she has any questions and when the question regarding biometals come off he has no idea but they're working on it.

When the team arrives at Zordon's base, He realizes like the others that Malefor wanted them here. To add salt to it, The Joker shows up back from the dead getting him to tell the others about the clown. In Act 5, Anti Cosmo, Bender, Slade and Skipper will get themselves into a situation that reveals a longed await question regarding the robot. What happened with him before he met Dib and after his encounters with Marceline? Anti Cosmo is asked alongside Bender and Skipper to help Slade with his machine. Anti Cosmo as a result is sent to the future with the three to the year 10000. He argues with Slade regarding this and they almost get into a fight, but Bender and Skipper arrive back with the info needed. Anti Cosmo agrees with the others that they need to find a backwards time machine and act as such. Anti Cosmo desperately searches with Slade, Bender and Skipper for one only to find nothing and this goes so far that the quadruple goes to the very end of Multi-Universal existence itself. Anti Cosmo sits back to watch it explode with Bender, Slade and Skipper. However a second big bang happens, forming a second Multi-Universe and the four reach the return of their time line. Anti Cosmo informs Bender that Joker puts the graves there to torment him and he breaks Bender out of his suicidal attitude. Anti Cosmo saves Slade and Skipper from Carnage, Horvath and Saix and Bender furthers by crashing a heavy vehicle into Saix and Carnage. Anti Cosmo gets Horvath off and is chased again by The Joker through his satellite laser. AC goes with Bender, Slade and Skipper and helps Suede, Heloise, Phineas and Isabella kill Ursula.

Anti Cosmo overhears Axl and Alie`s plan to marry each other and he tells the others about the announcement as he needs to tell them. When Skipper suggests that they don`t split up, and that they should get involved, Anti Cosmo admits it`s a good idea but feels it`s dangerous. He also learns the locations of the fractions and has Megabyte, Lex, Bowser and Hades spell it out. Anti Cosmo after hearing on the missions send the villains to aid Phineas, Isabella and Suede.

Anti Cosmo and Slade find the Model X Fragment which leads into a confrontation with Giovanni and Ozai. Anti Cosmo then informs Nostalgia Critic that he will learn what's going on from the others. Anti Cosmo agrees with Slade on Hiccup's unusualness but does agree that Slade shouldn't judge him. Anti Cosmo welcomes Bowser Jr., and Ventress to the team when they enter the Castle of Slade and him since Anti Cosmo did help him get it. Anti Cosmo then tasks the allies under Slade to destroy the Destroyer while he and Slade go help the heroes.

Anti Cosmo then overhears the complexities of traveling through the caves from Hunson and deducts that the mystery of the caves is the key to finding Model Z. Anti Cosmo oversees a path for the four to go on during their trek through the path they're on. When Hades asks about Joker, Anti Cosmo tells Hades that Joker sold his soul before hand for Zubans and since he has no recollection of Abadeer. He can't be in purgatory, so yes he was dead, but not consumed and that he was resurrected by Apokolips ruler Darkseid. Anti Cosmo and the others learn of what happened and he believes that it must be that guy Bender mentioned, Slade thinks Discord but Anti Cosmo thinks someone working for him. Celes, Hades and Anti Cosmo act as Slade's mission control and guide him to Stane.  Celes is one of the three chosen partners of Model X. Anti Cosmo and Slade's relationship is also revealed as he knew who Slade truly was and his history. Alongside Slade's other members Anti Cosmo  finds the destroyer and they all destroy it. Anti Cosmo then sees that Luthor is missing as Lex went to stop Darkseid at the cost of his own life. Anti Cosmo afterwards goes with Slade to fight Malefor and Khan. Anti Cosmo after watching Sumdac betrayal and he believes she is now lost with the death of Aang. Anti Cosmo alongside HIM, Dr. Doom, Ocelot, Bowser, Hades, Slade, Mojo and Celes fight Hazama with Bender and the B Team as well as Discord

Anti Cosmo prepares for the wedding and tells Suede who's looking for Bender, that he himself is looking for Axel. Anti Cosmo gives the heroes news on their plans to form a large group, though they retire from their trades.

Anti Cosmo is one of the only four characters who has seen the end of the Multi-Universe and the creation of another one which was possible through a forwards time machine.

LOTM: Darkness Incarnate


LOTM: Next Gen Island Tour

Anti Cosmo and Slade both return and join up with Blue, Bender and Dr. Strange against the Sinisters of Evil and the Children of BlackGarurumon.  Anti Cosmo alongside Blue, Death The Kid and Slade is unsure of trusting Discord as he has heard of Discord and what he has done through out the universe as he helped Slade investigate the Dystopia League. Anti Cosmo also meets the Striker Force and joins forces with them. He and Slade stay with the group while the others led by Hades and Celes help Black Star while the two aren't there.

Anti Cosmo was contacted by Saul where he and Slade come to see them. Anti Cosmo and Slade also had encounters with a member of both teams and used it to their advantage. They went alone not to put risks on the group. Hearing Batman is alive, Anti Cosmo questions exactly what he wants. He hears of someone else being here from Dr.Strange, so he and Bender go to see him. Then Anti Cosmo reveals to Blue and Aleu that Discord is helping them and tries to ensure them they are fine. Anti Cosmo also tells Batman about Dib's death since Batman questions why him, Slade and Bender are the only ones there.

Anti Cosmo and the others meet up with the others and begins to suspect Discord of something alongside Will, Jack Frost and Jack Bauer and has Twilight summon him. Anti Cosmo joins Slade and co in the volcano, he makes it easier for Jack to travel as he can't deal with the heat. After Macbeth steals the tablet he helps Slade, Jack and Gohan steal it back by means of a direct chase. Anti Cosmo talks with Gohan and Suede about their next option after they return from their first island and believe Strange will find something important. Anti Cosmo gives Gold Jesu's Power Gloves to tinker with and tells her this so they can go see him and see what he did with them.

Anti Cosmo is against Twilight's idea to bring Dib back with magic as he points in brings people back not in the right mind and states even Jorgen  will tell them that there is no true way of bringing someone back from the dead and restoring their sanity in the process as he sees another development in Isabella's mutantism. Anti Cosmo asks Picard for update who states that are speeding up like crazy due to something that have no control  over. When Kid and Makoto agree to investigate for Bender, he and Slade suggest to have Chun Li investigate as she's a detective. Anti Cosmo, Suede and Slade all manage to deduct Aleu was kidnapped by Mike Myers. Anti Cosmo meets Jaeris and Zhuge and joins them in getting to the temple that will help them get to the sea temple. Anti Cosmo and Slade make their way to the temple with Jaeris and Zhuge leading the exposition joined by Bender, Skipper and Isabella. Anti Cosmo notices Predaking who tires to take them all out. Anti Cosmo tries to use magic though it's no avail except for it's chest which he exploits when Jaeris distracts it. Anti Cosmo reaches the temple where Zhuge and Jaeris explain about the movement before meeting Kid and Makoto who explain they found nothing else. Anti Cosmo and his friends leave the temple to find GBF trying to take their Apple of Eden. So all 10 of them take them and get them. When Jesse shows up and gets them all out of the situation aware of both Bender and Slade, he also has the Valentine bros, Harkon and Jerry attack the 10 which they do brush off if with difficulty. Afterwards they meet with their friends and Isabella collapses which everyone goes to the hospital.

Slade and Anti Cosmo trap the ghost haunting Sunil to let Skipper, Bender and Phineas find him. To their surprise it’s Casper who for some reason isn’t trying to hurt or get the others on Slade and Anti Cosmo. Being surprised they ask how or who send them. They begin wandering through the deserted isle where they meet Cruger who he and Slade mistaken for an anthropomorphic dog. Anti Cosmo heads with Bender and Slade and when Cruger gives them the truth, Anti Cosmo sends it to the governs. Anti Cosmo then destroy the disco ball with the heroes, before getting captured with Slade, Skipper, Bender, Suki, Phineas and Heloise who is busted out by Discord and Suki's quick thinking.

After the plan is put in place, Anti Cosmo goes with Bender, Skipper, Slade, Heloise, Phineas, Suede, Jack Bauer, Gohan, Twilight Sparkle, Sora, Casper, Wendy, Discord and Mr.Gold to a different graveyard which has a purpose to the pieces of their treasure while Bender and Skipper are trying to discuss who to bring back from the dead with the star they can access with the pieces and going to find more of the cure.Slade and Anti Cosmo do work on Jack White Act when they see Discord watching Porn and get a boner, they tell him to turn it off when Gold comes in and snarks that this is what they do. Slade meets with the team and Buffy who helps out the main characters with Jack White and the Niburu. They learn to their horror that Jack White was The Joker. Anti Cosmo leaves there and ends up getting directions from Jesse though the heroes can't really trust him.Anti Cosmo and the others escape from jail and watch as Bender with Discord systemically eliminated much of BlackGarurumon's group with poisoned tequila.Anti Cosmo gets back to the team and he with Slade know that Sinister is here and Twilight is mapping out a route with Heloise.Slade, Anti Cosmo, Discord and Mr.Gold all insure Bender and Strange enter the castle when Predaking shows up and offers to spare their lives if they tell him where the robot due to the poisoning, Slade refuses as does the other three and Predaking begins chasing them, However Discord and The Striker Force put it down, netted, sedated and cuffed while Discord and Mr.Gold get back to the safety zone. The Four of them and The Striker Force also run into Belle and Hook who shoots Belle in the back with a bullet that eliminates one's memory. Gold furious about this tries to burn Hook alive with it, Discord however throws a car at him. Anti Cosmo joins the team in going to Neverland as Rose has to inform them of what's ahead and they get caught by Pan who knows of Lizbeth and Boomer though thanks to Discord and Isabella they are saved while learning of Harley Quinn was a legacy character due to what they find. Anti Cosmo and co make it to the Courage Kingdom where he joins the villains in interrogation of Predaking. Cruger, Slade, Anti Cosmo and the team learn that BlackGarurumon's allies are there and from Slade's ally Jonas Hodges that they are relocating their base and that must find their next piece of the treasure in the pyramid using inconvenient means. Slade, Anti Cosmo and The Striker Force lead on the pyramid to find their piece which has Starkiller fight the trio of Hans, Jack Welker, Philip Bauer while Slade and Anti Cosmo fight Blue who shows up by coincidence. Everyone joins up and destroys the Internment camp, burning it to the ground with "Another Brick in the Wall" while killing any army remaining.

Mr.Gold senses some kind of magic and gets Bender, Skipper, Heloise, Phineas, Isabella, Suede, Jack Bauer, Slade, Anti Cosmo, Discord, Gohan, Twilight, Castiel, Casper, Kid and Makoto over there and tells them its resurrection magic which does bring people back temporarily but the price is the come back wrong and/or lose their memories and they must be recovered. As they all discuss Peter Pan enters the room and toys with them in that he will find Maka, Lizbeth, Boomer, Knuckles and Crona take  them to Neverland and torture them until they arrive and then kill them in front of them. That can be anywhere, with the waters of Neverland all over,  Pan can be all powerful anywhere, Bender calls Pan on not doing it immediately who admits he's just fucking with them while insulting and taunting Mr.Gold.Anti Cosmo arrives in Springfield and gets to Bart, Black Star and Colonel Star and Stripes as they all head to the Simpsons Household and begin planning what to do though Marceline figures them out and they all begin talking with her after him, Heloise, Bender, Suede and Jesse were attacked by Jack Whiteists. He, Hook and Slade also manage to find some kryptonite for them to use. Slade and Anti Comso work with the villains to kill Ultraman where they succeed after singing War with Cas, Bender and Black Star. Slade and Anti Cosmo return to the ship and this is where Dib comes in And Darkwing tries to attack as he believes they're still evil though Skipper and Bender defend him.

Slade with all the other villains Hook, Anti Cosmo, Jesse, Russell, Mr. Gold, Anarky and Theodora go through their own trial of honesty in that are they keeping things from each other. Anti Cosmo and Slade as well as Jesse and Russell are both tested on their relationship and it turns out that they really are friends which appeases the door

Anti Cosmo works with Slade, Black Star and the villains against the Neo Umbrella Corp. He and Theodora work together to help Black Star fight Cora as his first activity. Afterwards he and Slade save their energy to prepare for the really tricky enemies though they work together to fight Frank Diamico. He works with Black Star, Captain Hook and Slade against Shizon afterwards. He, Slade and Black Star run into Bender, Castiel and Kratos who comes with Celestia who was killed by Wesker and deal with the god  Wesker. After Phase one  he decides to get Kratos to safety who was injured badly by Wesker before he returns to deal with the released entity with the others. After everything is wrapped up everyone leaves on their own way except him, Slade, Gold, Discord, Kid, Black Star and The B Team and Team Free Will who all stay together for their own reasons as they want to wrap things up and get ceremonies ready for Heloise and Gold.


Anti Cosmo during Acts 2, 3, 4 and 6 joins up with Soul Eater characters for the first time with Black Star and his group to combat the Templar Order. Anti Cosmo has also heard of Maka Albarn and Soul and learns more about them from Black Star and Kid.

Future Warfare

Anti Cosmo returns with his and Slade's Ensemble who get involved in a conflict with the Red Lotus and Viking Alliance with the B Team in tow. The two teams learn about this through a future transmission that Slade and Bender discover when the latter is watching the stars and the former is doing his business


Anti Cosmo returns with the rest of the heroes to serve as one of the main characters with Slade, Hades, Celes and his ensemble alongside Bender and the B Team. Anti Cosmo's past self will also be a main character as well.

Anti Cosmo and Slade turns out have been working on Businesses in the capital city of their continent recruiting the others they have left to run their businesses while they overlook everything. The Duo and Hades end up encountering The Joker and Thawne who have stolen from them and attacked their team which has Anti Cosmo alongside the team geared up to go after him with Harrison Wells from Earth 2. He and Slade hold a meeting with the team about Thawne's actions and theft from them of their valued time traveling device that Slade and Anti Cosmo acquired though thankfully the duo had the insight to have two and hide the other and only tell each other. During their meeting Anti Cosmo and Slade are called by Bender and them with Harrison discuss their plans to go after The Reverse Flash.

Slade and his Ensemble with the The Flying Dutchman's ship and his chromoskimmer travel back to 2010 to go after Thawne, with Anti Cosmo traveling with Slade and Hades heading to Slade's old lair to find The V Team to help them. The three make it to his old lair with Slade and Anti Cosmo heading into the secret entrance where their past selves find them and don't believe the two until they mention The Joker. The Joker attacks Slade's old lair with his henchmen where Slade, Anti Cosmo and Hades defend the lair with the help of Past Slade and Anti Cosmo and The V Team. Afterwards, He and Slade takes Eddy, Negaduck, Scourge and Dr.Nefarious with him to help his ensemble. They all got back to the others which leads to a robot showdown and an encounter with Dr.Alchemy alongside Slade and Harry Wells.  Afterwards, Slade tells the crew of Bender's allegiance with him was a on and off thing before the present, before learning That The Joker had The Teen Titans captured, Anti Cosmo confirms this to his past self about both details. After Slade gets arrested by Darkwarrior and Toffee He leads the team in his absence and sends Hades to find Slade and fights Thawne's followers before Deathstroke ambushes the group. Anti Cosmo has his own problems dealing with Deathstroke who's actions cause the crew to scurry around and dwindle. Eventually leaving him, Harry Wells and The Flying Dutchman to restore the power which Anti Cosmo succeeds in with the help of Technus before they find Slade, Hades and Ventress.

Slade makes plans with the team to go after Both Joker's group and finds the scared magic. He does this with the assumption that The Joker is trying to unleash his plan from Slade Strikes Back. He takes the main members with him to keep the Time Wraiths on him specifically. Anti Cosmo theorizes that they must find their past selves to give them a hand, but Harry Wells remembers they did leave for a while. They make some traveling and close enough to their destination, Reverb and the other members of Deathstroke's team attack them. Reverb starts by sealing Hades off from helping them knowing Hades is a great threat and tells his team to go after Slade directly having decided to get the leader. Reverb though knows Anti Cosmo and Celes both know magic and he has a lock on with the two of them. The entire group gets into a struggle under Reverb's order until Rip has a idea where he tells Wally to use his speed to wear out Hades temporary sealing while he and Sara go after Reverb's followers. Noble, Azarel, Jasper and Arkham Knight notice this and go after this which allows Slade and his group to take the upper hand on Reverb and then Wally throws them all back into a portal.

Finally reaching out Slade's past self lair. Celes calls out the past selves for not helping and Harry tries needling the two for answers while Slade, Anti Cosmo, Hades and The Legends watch them do this. After enough torture, Slade and Anti Cosmo reveal to their future selves that are trying to alter their timeline so they have more control over the multiverse. Despite this, Their past selves decide to get them touch with their partner they made feeling that they should help against Thawne who is a bigger threat. Anti Cosmo and Rip aren't impressed and threaten to cripple their empire if they do it again. The Past Slade and Anti Cosmo lead them to New York where they find Slade's past self partner Tombstone who is suspicious of this group arriving.

Slade, Anti Cosmo, Hades, Harry and Celes and their past selves go through Tombstone's profile on Disney to see if he himself has any knowledge on Disney Magic. Slade brings Tombstone to his lair and reveals what he was intending to do in the timeline. Tombstone assists Harry and Rip Hunter from using research to find the best location where the magic. Anti Cosmo, Slade, Celes and Hades agree to keep their past selves reminding what they need to do and not get themselves killed by Thawne. The Trio find where to go best and learn from Bender's team that's where they are going. This leads them into a face down with Thawne's gang with Bender's help which leads to both sides getting what they wanted, where he decides to attack Thawne with Skipper, Slade and Wally West. Him and Slade brings the team back to his lair and works with the team to find how to best use the amulet as it has ancient writing on it none of them can translate.

Anti Cosmo, Tombstone and Sideshow Bob all are seen carrying The V Team as they make their own preparations to get to Slade and Harry Wells.  Anti Cosmo gets in contact with his past self to help out with this and has him travel all over the place to find them. This is When Deathstroke arrives on the scene and reveals that he managed to track them here with every intention of preventing from getting to the others. Sideshow Bob asks how does he know this, because he has eyes and ears everywhere Deathstroke says. Tombstone catches that and tells Bob and Anti Cosmo that the Ensemble was bugged by Deathstroke and Anti Cosmo believes that makes sense do why they were attacked by him.

Anti Cosmo and Sideshow Bob manage to find the eye of Lady Gobbler and wonder how Deathstroke snuck it on board with such ease. Bob believes that they can turn it on him and the legion though Anti Cosmo believes Deathstroke would catch that, Sideshow Bob states that it wouldn't kill them to try and AC agrees. Tombstone takes the eye and goes after Deathstroke who has defeated the 4 which Bob and Anti Cosmo bring back to get them to health.

Anti Cosmo manages to survive the spear thanks To Barry Speeding him, and his friends away. The four believe they're the only ones left to fight Thawne, When Shadow appears and states he's here and that Naesala only betrayed them to make sure they weren't killed. Anti Cosmo, Slade, Harry Wells, Barry Allen and Shadow all find Bender and Deathstroke and decide to take the fight to Thawne when Naesala shows up and offers to take them there, Anti Cosmo confronts him on his betrayal which Naesala attempts to justly it was for his people

Upon Decision, Anti Cosmo goes after Thawne with his friends to get the spear which they do succeed but is nearly killed by Toffee and his Cult that has loyalty to Cipher, While saved by Hunson Abadeer, Bruce and Selina. Anti Cosmo believes that are no safe places from Cipher and Toffee and some of the characters don't believe him but he is proven right, when the team decide to consider Mewni, Anti Cosmo recognizes that The Cult will try and go after them and know Bill and Toffee will lead an monster attack which they do and Anti Cosmo takes out his own wand and uses his bad luck magic to get the drop on them, though their own victories are brought down by Moon's death and The Commission of Magic's death at Toffee's hands

Anti Cosmo has enough and wants to just drop the cult for once and for all and upon the plan he goes after Marie with Slade so the two can get Bender in Bill Cipher's Castle. Slade and him manage to get the upper hand and do so, but they decide to keep her alive since it would be not worth it to kill her.