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Alteria is a land located in The Defenders of Peace Storyline and The Warriors of Tomorrow Storyline.


Alteria is a world that is set in fantasy/medieval times. Full of knights, wizards, dragons and dungeons full of treasure.

Known Races


Humans serve as one of the dominate races in Alteria, having various kingdoms and cities all over the world. Long ago, they enslaved the Elves for 500 years, till the Elves rebelled which lead to a war that destroyed much of Alteria. The humans however recovered and ended slavery of the Elves, though relationships with the Elves if very strained.

Humans worship various Gods, they're kingdoms have different methods of function, and they provide trade between each other


Elves are human looking creatures with pointy ears, very entune with nature. They looking after the forests and animals of Alteria, protecting it from those who would harmed them. Long ago, Elves had become enslaved by humans, where they forced to do they're every bidding. This lasted for 500 years, until a legendary Elven hero rose up, and lead a grand rebellion against the humans. The war ended and much of Alteria was destroyed, but in time, they rebuilt and the slavery of the Elves had ended. Though relationships with humans is very strained.


Dwarves are small humanoid creatures that live underground. They are often considered master smiths, forging power weapons and armor. The dwarves command a powerful empire that expands far underground. Despite they're mass power, the dwarves choose not to engage in conflict with the surface world races such as the humans or elves. Though that's not to say the dwarves never fought in wars, as they've encountered dangerous creatures while exploring the deep reaches of Alteria.


Several Orcs marching to battle with a troll at they're side

One of the humanoid races of Alteria, with currently unknown origins. The Orcs are a savage, and somewhat nomadic race of warriors. Orcs are not friendly with any of the races of Alteria, but despite this, they don't seem to engage in conflict with them that often, unless provoked. Orcs when in battle seek to prove they're superiority by dominating they're enemies, and often ally with whoever is considered the strongest. Some of the higher rank Orcs in the higharcy tend to have titles to go with they're names

Orcs also have often teamed up with Trolls, utilizing they're brute strength in war or manual labor.

For the longest time, it was believed Orcs are only male, but it was later discovered that there are female orcs, but they are a more rare to come across, and females never take part in battles of fight. Orcs reproduce like other races in Alteria, but they also posses a method where they can create a great number of orcs quickly with the use of things known as "Vats". While its not known how the process works, orcs will never run out of numbers for war with this method.


Trolls are large dangerous humanoid creatures. Being 9 to 11 feet tall, Trolls uses raw physical power to defeat they're enemies. Troll intelligance various. Most speak in they're own language, but some know how to speak in the languages of others. Trolls are often seen working along side Orcs, rather for manual labor or war.


Some of the more larger and monstrous creatures in Alteria, the Ogres are big, fast, and incredibly strong. Ogres often live in dark places such as caves or dungeons. They feast on flesh, but for reasons unknown, most Ogres prefer to eat women.


Harpies are winged humanoids females. Harpies have human look features, such as two arms and two legs, but there are wings on arms and they are covered in features are on a number of parts on they're bodies, and they have talons instead of fingers and toes. Harpies are considered monsters in several societies in Alteria, and are hunted. Harpies were very wide in terms of numbers, but constant states of war destroyed many of the harpies nests. As such, harpies often kidnapped males from different races in order to reproduce and survive.

In time however, the harpies would soon recover from the damage they suffered, hunts are made illegal, and they're monster status is in time removed. While the Harpie try to stay mindful of they're population, so they don't suffer a decline like before, kidnapping males is not an action one would see as often


Creatures of clay, mud, rock, or steel, Golems are large and powerful creatures, created by the dwarves, and are a major reason why they're empire stands strong. Golems are mainly used as soldiers to battle against larger threats, but some of the nobles of dwarven society use Golems as servants.


Example of war hounds charging into battle

A very common animal in Alteria. Dogs are seen in tons of human based cities, all serving as pets. Some places however, such as Midvek, take special breeds of dogs, that are trained to be war hounds, meant to fight along side them. The war hounds are very strong and very intelligent, capable of understanding complex orders and even what people are saying, even though they can't understand them. Some war hounds have been known to get poisoned when tasting the blood of an orc, though if the dog survives, they become stronger, and won't become sick from it again.


One of, if not THE most dangerous creatures in Alteria, Dragons are intelligent and sentient flying monsters that rule in The Scorched Lands, following the order of their leader, King Kor'valak. While the majority of their race do not seek conflict, recent attacks from malicious and dangerous Dragons on villages and cities have strained the relations between the Dragons and the rest of Alteria greatly, along with the killing of innocent roosting Dragons. The Dragons also worship the Fire Goddess Ashela.

Dune Stalkers

Giant, hulking worms living out in the Devil's Valley, Dune Stalkers tower over their human prey as they hunt by burrowing under the sands of the desert, emerging to surprise and quickly attack anything it can get its teeth into.


Giant and ravenous vultures, Scavengers stalk the skies of the Devil's Valley seeking lonely prey on the ground for which to capture and consume. While they normally hunt alone, some may group up into packs of two or three before they take their prey to their nests for their meals to begin.

Desert Hoppers


While acting like a single creature, Peepers are actually amalgamations of hundreds upon thousands of tiny organisms formed into one entity. Much like Desert Hoppers, Peepers are extremely friendly and are one of the only friendly creatures in the Devil's Valley. Much like their name, Peepers communicate their feelings by peeping or by forming their bodies into various forms and shapes.

Known places


One of the many human kingdoms through out Alteria. While not the largest or most powerful kingdom, Midvek maintains good relations with its neighbors and respects the different races of the land. It is also known to be the first place the Defenders visit and was the site of many of they're adventures in Alteria.

This place years later becomes the home of an alliance which is meant to unite the races of Alteria together in peace.

Barahm (Dwarf capital city)

Barahm, the underground capital city of the Dwarves. Home to many Dwarves, Barahm is they're largest city. It is full of all kind of resources and minerals, where the Dwarves on the surface world make trade with the surface.

Sylshys (Elf forest city)

Harpies Pass

A passage just outside of the kingdom of Midvek, leading to the Elvan city of Sylshys. It was named "Harpies Pass" due to tribes of Harpies nesting there during mating season.

Tower of the Obelisk

The Tower of the Obelisk is the name of a tower, home to several mages. Here, mages under the watchful eye of the Grand Wizard Iviar and Knight Commander Cutter, train to user they're magic.

The Scorched Lands

Devil's Valley


Known Inhabitents


King Audouin

King Andrion







Aasim el-Khan


Chauncy Bramote











Orcs and Trolls


Horza the Friendly

Ar-Karo the War Master


Thrak the Charmed

Kruk the Chosen/Machine

Wolf Targhuls





  • This world is base off some fantasy worlds. Such as Lord of the Rings, Dragon Age, and Dragon's Dogma