Adolf Hitler was a German dictator and leader of the Nazi Party, becoming one of the most famous real life military villains as well as being known to be one of the most evil human beings to exist on Earth. With his fame, videos, comics, games, and movies has had the dictator appear and even star in pieces of cinema about his reign, one of the most notable being the Downfall depiction of him, where he is portrayed as its main antagonist. 

The Miracle Elite Storyline

Adolf hitler is a hired member of Dormammu's Team. It is revealed that Adolf Hitler and his followers were not really working for Dormammu and that he was working for an another league of villains.

Tuxedo Lovelace vs Dormammu

Xigbar was meditating to revive him. Rinkus and Sierra found a cure. Now Hitler was Ressurected. He and Xigbar tried to defeat Tuxedo, but Shadow Queen sealed them under her gown. It's unknown how he and Xigbar escape and was seperated to return to The Horned king.

LOTM - Birth of Miracle Elite

Chronicles of Great New Empire

Adolph Hitler mentioned as one of the Giygas servants.


  • This version of Hitler (due to his realistic appearance similar to the real one) became a famous internet humor and Youtube Poop known as "Downfall Hitler" mostly parodizing his actions in the internet such as "Hitler Reacts to" and "Hitler Finds Out".