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Adam's Children



'Adamu no kodomotachi'




Sequined Sadist

S-Class Mages

Adam, Lilith, Sachiel, Shamshel, Ramiel, Gaghiel, Sandalphon, Israfel, Matarael, Sahaquiel, Iruel, Leliel, Bardiel, Zeruel, Arael, Armisael, Tabris, Lilin, Shateiel, Iblis


Doomsday Bringer, Elite Squad, Arch-Angels of Apocalypse, Protectors of the Order, Life Guardians, Extremist Angels, Arch-Angels of the Omniverse


Sequined's Temple, Sequined's Omniverse

"Conqueror of the assailant of knowledge, you changed the universe forever. Your foot rests on Jehovah's back in endless victory. Applause echoes throughout the cosmos, an eternal celebration. On the highest mountain, you reveal your glory to those you choose. Yet in the eyes of the masses, you are veiled in darkness. Oh Sequined, I am yours."

The Adam's Children or Arch-Angels of Doom, or simply known as Commandments of God are an extremely powerful group of 20 Arch-Angels who are the strongest amongst the God and Angel Clans and are by extension the main antagonistic force of CIS Productions stories that serves as the final and main antagonists of the all storylines. Adam's Children are known as Arch-Angels of Sequined, Angels with power and intelligence to overthrow Spectra, the Supreme God of the Multi-Universe. With that said, it's stated that each member has enough power to take all characters of the story that showed up so far, including the Trio-Balam EmperorsDarth HadesLeohart the Prince of Hell and the Fallen. All of Adam's Children possess the Fruit of Life, that is something possessed by Adam and the Angels which grants them immortality and infinite power, in opposition to the Fruit of Knowledge possessed by Lilith and all intelligent mortals.

Handpicked by the Sequined Sadist herself, each member possesses a Commandment from Seed of Life, a unique power gifted to them by the Supreme Goddess, which delivers a unique curse to whomever breaks a rule specific to each member. This power is absolute; it cannot be opposed even by its wielder, although members of the Adam's Children are immune to all other Commandments except for their own. The curses will only be lifted if the victim defeats its wielder or at the victim's death. The Commandments can be removed from their wielder if he gives his consent or if he is left powerless, unable to fight or die. Their goal is to serve Sequined by searching for their mother, Lilith (who is currently under the captive of Father Leonardo from Iscariot Section XIII, in Prime Earth) Yo merge themselves with her and start the Third Creation, which is a supernova that will end all omniverses in existence, resetting all life and creation for Sequined. The explosion is consequently end the Multi-Universe and Spectra himself.


As most commonly used in the story and elsewhere, the word "Angel" refers to any of Adam's fifteen children, whom Triggers Hell must systematically destroy over the course of the story. Adam itself, the designated "First Angel," of Sequined, is occasionally included with its offspring when speaking of Angels collectively. However, considering Sequined's list of designated "Angels" in full, it includes entities as disparate as the Seeds of Life, the human-shaped vessel of Adam's soul Yato Stinger, and Homo sapiens itself (18th: Lilin). This conflict between the heavily-reinforced concept of "Angel" (god-like beings antithetical to human life) and the more inclusive version rightfully raises the question of what an Angel is actually intended to be. LOTM: Sword of Kings plays a similar game with terms related to humanity.


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Sequined and the God Slayers, a weaker force of Adam's Children

Adam’s children refers to the Angels originated from the Seed of Life Adam. In the story, Adam's children encompass the Third through Seventeenth Angels. The first thirteen are Adam’s natural offspring. Adam’s last child, Tabris, is the result of an experiment in which Lilin genes fused into Adam.


The clues in the story itself regarding the Angels' intentions are varied and ambiguous. Eugen Katsuragi states that the Angels are trying to kill Spectra for betraying the Mother [Sequined], which would bring on a Third Creation which would destroy all omniverses and the behavior of some Angels is consistent with this statement.

Some of them were trying to access Lilith [that is currently under the possession of Iscariot Section XIII in Rome) and reset all life, some of them had nothing in mind, and some were trying to kill their progenitor Spectra. The revelation that Lilith was also a target explains the attacks of The Revelation of Qliphoth at the time of World War III in the early episodes, and has become the most widely accepted explanation for this apparent contradiction. 


How Adam generated its offspring is completely unknown but he had the help of Sequined trillion years ago. Explanations can be as disparate as "pieces of Adam blown off at Second Creation grew into the various Angels" (Second Creation is related to the day Spectra created the Multi-Universe) to "Adam laid the Angels' eggs billions of years ago, but didn't give them souls until the day of Second Creation,when they were scattered by the explosion." The proposed theories have varied pros and cons. Whether the Angels existed in some form prior to Second Creation, or only came into being on that very day, it doesn't seem to be any coincidence that Adam opened its Doors of Guf (implying the release of souls), and its children began to "appear" fifteen years later.

The origins of the Angels are also easily explained by a normal birth of Lilith, whom was married with Adam and gave birth to all Arch-Angels of Sequined Sadist under her request.


List of Arch-Angels

  • Adam 
  • Lilith
  • Sachiel 
  • Shamshel
  • Ramiel 
  • Gaghiel
  • Sandalphon 
  • Israfel
  • Matarael 
  • Sahaquiel 
  • Iruel 
  • Leliel 
  • Bardiel
  • Zeruel 
  • Arael
  • Armisael
  • Tabris 
  • Lilin 
  • Shateiel
  • Iblis 


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    Sandalphon and Iruel

    Sequined Sadist - Reality and Time
  • Spectra - Life and Creation
  • Adam - Multiplication
  • Lilith - Healing
  • Sachiel - Instant Death
  • Shamshel - Infinite Waters
  • Ramiel - Distant Winds
  • Gaghiel - Animal Lives
  • Sandalphon - Metal of Paradise
  • Israfel - Speed of Heavens
  • Matarael - Acid and Agony
  • Sahaquiel - Physical Endurance and Durability
  • Iruel - Telepathy
  • Leliel - Protons Control
  • Bardiel - Immortality
  • Zeruel - Blood of God
  • Arael - Darkness
  • Armisael - Tolerance and Love
  • Tabris - Peace and Harmony
  • Lilin - Wrath 
  • Shateiel - Ice of the Dark Winter
  • Iblis - Flames of the Lake of Fire


  • The "Commandments" from which the group's power is derived, all seem to be loosely based on one of the real Ten Commandments from the Abrahamic religions.
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